changing the rules

13 Jan

I found out I was pregnant in January. I started surfing the internet for nursery ideas in February. Superstitions slowly passing, I started buying things in April. By May, I was the bookmark queen, having browsed all the websites, dog-eared the magazines, and highlighted the Baby Bargains books. Then came time to design the nursery in earnest. And it was intimidating. What if I can’t decide on a theme? What if I can’t figure out my primary color? What if I don’t want to shop in kids’ stores? And what about the cost? What about the vintage furniture (yes, Ebay, if it’s old, it’s ‘vintage’) in the rest of the house? And the music posters? And our incredible penchant for ‘collecting’ stuff, especially in an apartment that’s less than 750 square feet? So the only thing to do was to ignore the rules and start creating my own.

This blog is an ongoing collection of things that have inspired, and continue to inspire, me in all areas of nursery and kids room design. As a Brooklynite, small-space dweller, mid-century modern fan, design fiend, advertising executive, and new mother, I hope this site will inspire you to start changing the rules too.


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