one wall wallpaper

16 Jan

Orla Kiely “Flower Blossom” wallpaper

I’ve never been one for wallpaper, having grown up with the expectation that when you decide to cover a wall, you’re in it for the long haul. With my family, it was never a quick and simple decoration, or -heavens forbid- an accent piece. Buying wallpaper meant you’d be slathering that paste on every semi-flat surface available, and then some. It never even occurred to me that you could, of your own volition, stop at one wall and call it a day.

I live near a small business called Charlie -n- Diamond. Formerly the Boy Luv Girl space, owner Anna Man relocated her hair salon down the street and opened this clever little boutique in its place, on 105 Atlantic Avenue. Read about it here.

The space makes me smile as I walk by, and in the corner of my eye I always notice the wall behind the sales desk, covered in Orla Kiely flowers. If you’re a fan of Orla Kiely, you must check out her wall patterns. This one is called Flower Blossom, and although I can’t imagine covering my entire room with it, one roll is a great way to introduce color and texture into an otherwise simply painted area. (Plus, there’s turquoise, Pantone fans!)

There’s a slight vintage-modern look to the patterns there, which inspired me to return to the source – true vintage wallpaper. I recently discovered Secondhand Rose, a storefront in Murray Hill that sells vintage wallpaper to the public. Full of deadstock patterns from the 50s through the 70s, with double rolls starting at $70, this is definitely a place to check out. Here are two of my favorites so far:

The first, bold and bright and fresh – perfect for boys or girls. Vibrant primary colors on your accent pieces, creamy white walls, and bob’s yer uncle.

Or the super-sweet, more traditional 50s animals. Reminds me of the Gino’s/Royal Tenenbaums zebra-on-red-wallpaper, which, incidentally, I hear has been reissued by Scalamandre. Of course, those were the days when zebras could not be contained on one wall alone. . .


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