16 Jan

Poster by Office at 826 Valencia shop, $20

Say the word “pirate” and a few things probably come to mind. Captain Jack Sparrow, for one. Somalia, perhaps, or for those public-radio/McSweeneys fans, the 826 Valencia writing workshop and store in San Francisco (see link above). Me, I think of this:

Nevertheless, I found myself reconsidering my pirate associations upon discovery of these antique steamer trunks at Sterling Place on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

This is the one I gravitated towards first. For $245, it’s a steal (pardon the pun). Trouble was, the locks weren’t in great shape. So the lovely people in the shop introduced me to this one instead:

For $345, it’d make super storage for any kid’s room, boy or girl. The only trouble would be how great a hiding spot it’d be, so it’d definitely need some safety retrofitting so there’s no slamming of fingers or accidental locking… But now only wish I’d taken photos of the inside. Although easily contact-paper lined, the trunk contains some original Victorian paper illustrations and clever inner boxes for smaller trinkets or hidden treasure.

A quick search online brought me to The Pirates Lair. Personally, I wouldn’t pay their prices for these trunks, but they do provide great inspiration and give you a sense of what the interiors often look like:

Of course, once you buy one of these, you might be inspired to visit this website, courtesy of Pirates Lair… dresslikeapirate.com . It’s a member of the Pirates Ring collection of web pages.


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