yay! chalkboard paint!

23 Jan

Chalkboard paint tips, Martha Stewart Online

There are way too many posts out on the internets these days about chalkboard paint, but I’d be remiss to not include a smattering of the great project ideas out there. The great thing about adding chalkboard texture to a wall is how quickly it inspires creativity. Versatile and tactile, it just begs for ‘legal’ scribbling, which feels just naughty enough to be really fun.

At top is one of my favorites – found on the Martha Stewart website (of course). They’ve divided the room horizontally with chair-rail molding. On the top, they’ve applied cork board to display art work and papers. On the bottom, they’ve used chalkboard paint – at what I think is the perfect height for little ones. It also makes me feel better (in my uptight way) that the chalk chaos can be controlled in a way, without getting EVERYWHERE like it would in the below image.

Chalkboard wall, courtesy Ohdeedoh

Another way of controlling the chaos is with something called a “Chalkal.” How trendy is this? A combination of the ever-popular wall decals and chalkboard paint, Chalkals come in assorted shapes (UFOs, drum kits, gorillas!) and are easy to affix and quick to play with.

Chalkals, Modern Dose $30-$65

But as the wonderful folks at Little Birdie Secrets have discovered, a little creativity can go a long way. In this post, they recommend a DIY approach to chalkboard decals with something called chalkboard contact paper (see link at top right). Sold at Amazon for $35 a roll, design your own shape or image, cut it out, and affix it to the wall.

Or for even greater flexibility, create your own chalkboard surface in whatever color you fancy. The trick is in the tile grout – once you get that gritty texture into the paint you’re good to go. The Martha Stewart link at top contains a recipe, as does this one, lifted from Cottage Living.

A tone-on-tone approach is a great, subtle way to add visual interest to your wall while making it useable and functional. (Everything I’ve read recommends against adding a magnetizing element to the paint, as on view above, but this is another option as well).

Let me know if anyone out there has chalkboarded a wall, a flowerpot, a dresser or any other piece of housewares. Would love to hear how it went.

Update: Just discovered a company called Wallnutz – they have some great, simple wall decals like these square ones. Take a look for even more ideas.


2 Responses to “yay! chalkboard paint!”

  1. Melissa @ chalkboard decals February 21, 2011 at 5:35 am #

    Thank you very much for sharing this! And once again thanks to Martha Stewart! I will definitely be doing that for my daughter’s room. She also has a chair rail in her room just like that and dividing the areas is such a good idea. Corkboard at the top and chalkboard at the bottom!!

    • youngonesdesign February 21, 2011 at 9:59 am #

      Melissa- please take pics throughout the process and send them over when you’re done! Would love to see and post about it! Thanks again.

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