quick tip: cradle sheets for changing pads

24 Jan

Munchkin disposable changing pads, $7 for 10

Discovered this by accident the other day. In another instance of things being more complicated than they need to be, changing pads come in different sizes to accommodate different changing tables. So this tip may not work for everyone.

Changing pad by Serta, Walmart, $25

This is my changing pad. It measures roughly 16″ x 32″. When we were decorating the room, I had a hard time finding a changing pad cover in a color I liked. So I ended up buying a fancy, soft and velvety white cotton cover. What have I learned in the past four months? Two things that don’t go together are white changing pad covers and babies being changed.

An easy fix is to stock up on disposable changing pads (as above). But another option is a cradle sheet. Very few people use cradles anymore, but I found it indispensable early on. A cradle is larger than a bassinet and smaller than a crib – in fact, the mattress pad measures 18″ x 36″. See where I’m going with this? Once baby grew out of his cradle, I found myself with cradle sheets in an array of colors. And that’s what’s great about cradle sheets for changing pads.

Baby Cradle Sheet, Amazon.com $6 each

You can’t beat the price, and the color range is so much better than ordinary changing pads. In fact, cradle sheets come in different sizes too, so you’ll probably be able to find the right dimensions. It’s a great way to match your decor and save money (and hassle) in the process.


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