discovered: foosball coat hanger

25 Jan

Offside coat hanger, Funktion Alley, approx $105

Coat hooks are our friends. But they’re usually not that much fun to use. But this one, designed by Norwegian Runa Klock, has incorporated the functionality of ‘table football’ into an awesome accessory for storage. You get to choose red, green or blue players (great for Manchester or Chelsea fans) on a steel or powder-white bar. But the best part is that the players actually tilt and move around to accomodate your clothes. Found this on a UK site, so prices are dependent on the exhange rate…

Dart Coat Hooks, Uncommon Goods, $35 for 3

Reminds me of the coat hooks (above) I recently purchased from Uncommon Goods here in the US. I always fall for kitschy-clever things like this. The hooks mount at an angle, so they really look like you’ve just missed the dartboard. And they’re not too heavy, but you need to make sure you’ve got a good anchor in the wall – plaster will crumble, as I learned.


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