quick tip: hat rack puppet stand

27 Jan

DwellStudio hand puppets, Baby Gear Inc $15 each

Wish we had room to do this at home.

I have an odd fascination with retail display fixtures. They just seem to hold so much possibility. Near my old office building, south of the Garment District by Penn Station, the streets are dotted with stores like this one (on 29th Street).

Anyway, it got me thinking what else they could be used for. As mentioned in previous posts, we’re collectors here at the Daley house. (It only takes ‘just one more’ to go from a few to oh-crap-another-collection, natch.) So when I found these adorable DwellStudio puppets for Fionn’s room (at top), the race was on to figure out a proper display.

Of course!

Hat Display Rack, Only Garment Racks $130

“Captain Blueshoes” Pirate Sock Zombie Puppet by Underroos on Etsy, $35

How much fun would it be to fill this up with puppets, especially the kind sold by Underroos on Etsy? This one is Captain Blueshoes, but there are so many great “Sock Zombie” puppets to be found on in her store.

But if you’re a few puppets short of a true collection, a wall-mounted display rack is a great decorative touch, especially in places where a picture won’t fit (e.g. high up, vertically, etc.)

3 Decorative Wall Hat Racks, Ebay

There are tons more, new and vintage, to be found on Ebay. Have fun browsing.


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