great desks

28 Jan

Crosby Street/Spring Street, New York, Thomas Struth, 1978 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Baby was at Grandma and Grandpa’s last weekend, and Mummy and Daddy didn’t know what to do with themselves. So we went into town (Manhattan, to us Brooklynites) and went for a stroll. Discovered a shop called Bobby Berk Home, apparently ” a definitive resource of affordable luxury for everything bed, bath and home” according to their website. Most of their merchandise consisted of things I’d seen before, but then I saw this desk.

Lax wall-mounted desk, Bobby Berk Home $720

Gorgeous, but yes, $720 for some wood attached to a wall. I wanted to see what other space-saving kid-friendly desks were out there.

So I went to my new favorite website, Ikea Hacker, to see what enterprising solutions their readers had come up with.

Ludvig Workstation, Ikea $140 (image here)

“Snug desk in laundry room,” Ikea Hacker

And there were two. The first (top) is more a purchase than a hack per se. Apparently, there’s a new line called Ludvig which is wall-mounted like the Lax, above. The second (bottom) is created by combining two cabinets, Ikea legs, and a door.

Parsons Mini desk, West Elm $250

Of course, if you’re an Apartment Therapy reader, you know all about the perennial favorite West Elm Parsons desk. Now they make the Parsons desk in a smaller, kid-friendly size, and in a great new mustard (or yellow curry) color called Polished Tumeric. We have the Parsons storage tower at home, and really like it, but it has gotten quite scratched over the past year. I imagine these desks aren’t really built to last either.

Handmade two-drawer desk, Lorimer Workshop $725

On that note, if you’re interested in a piece that actually improves with age (unlike the Ikeas and West Elms of the world) you might want to check out Lorimer Workshop. (Full disclosure: I’ve recently met David Ellison through his son and daughter-in-law, who are now good friends.) As I’d mentioned on earlier posts, I’m a true believer in having one or two ‘investment’ pieces of furniture to build a room around. They’re the pieces that accompany you on every move. They become part of your home and, most importantly, your family history.

David makes each unique piece of furniture by hand out of salvaged wood. That means each piece is unique and made to fit your specifications. There are lots of examples on the website, but there’s something about this desk that makes me want to climb up on it and start drawing.


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