discovered: madras canvas storage

30 Jan

M79, Vampire Weekend

Synchronicity, according to Jung (and Wikipedia) is the term used to describe a “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events.” Basically, a meaningful coincidence (and yes, I nearly avoided the Police reference. Nearly.) Don’t think this really qualifies, but the sophomore effort from Vampire Weekend, Contra, ‘dropped’ almost TO THE DAY that I discovered this excellent canvas tote on

Color cuff canvas storage tote,, $29

So, in homage to madras, sail canvas, and the Upper West Side, here are some other outstanding examples of playful storage for kids’ rooms.

First, my favorite Etsy finds. (Disclaimer: I found these items on my own, which means I haven’t been asked, or -heaven forbid- paid, to feature anything on my posts. When this happens, I’ll let you know).

12×12 canvas storage bucket by rubystella, Etsy, $25

This one is handmade and hand-stenciled with the cutest red-ticking ribbon handles, and at a great price. The stencil can also be customized.

Yarn keep by ink lore, Etsy, $30

Now I love this one, but as it’s meant for yarn I assume it’s pretty small. But how great would it be for a desktop, to store mini-toys or Lego pieces?

These are the baskets we have at home:

Canvas buckets, Pottery Barn Kids, $19 and $35

I’m not quite sure why they’re considered ‘boys’ buckets. I guess because the ‘girls’ ones are really, really pink with a capital P. But for what it’s worth, we now use these buckets for our two boys – the boy dog ended up getting one for his toys too. And, as with everything PBK, they can be customized (and probably monogrammed, to keep with the theme here).

Floor totes, Pottery Barn Kids, $27 and $35

And I especially like these floor totes, which feel slightly more modern than most of the other items in the PBK catalog. (Make the dots touch, and you have a DwellStudio print).

Create-Your-Own Jester Ottoman by Simply Sauce Designs, Etsy, $35

Lastly, thinking outside of the tote/bucket box, here’s a creative idea from Simply Sauce Designs, back on Etsy. I double-checked to make sure I got the price right. You get the store-and-stow ottoman, and from what I understand, five paint colors. You can even go to the craft store, get more paints, get more brushes, and voila, you have an afternoon decorating party.


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