favorite band + birthday = custom poster

31 Jan

1975 original Black Sabbath concert poster, Ebay

Do you know who was on tour when you were born?

Apparently, Black Sabbath was in Germany in 1975 – I learned this on Ebay today. (And you just learned I turned 35 this year. Go you.)

Sasquatch Festival poster, Invisible Creature, $30 (unframed)

And this was the inspiration for the search. Although unable to attend the Sasquatch festival, which takes place every year near Seattle, we did buy the commemorative poster for the event, roughly two months before Fionn was born. Now, it’s become a familiar fixture in his room. And sometimes, when he’s being carried around, we read him the names listed below the illustration. Fleet Foxes! Kings of Leon! Zach Galifianakis! Our own virtual time capsule of musical entertainment.

So it got me thinking. Why not use a concert poster to commemorate not only the event, but the blessed event as well?

Decemberists silkscreen poster, Hero & Sound, sold out (artist proofs available, $150)

The great thing about the rock poster revival is that many of these pieces are true works of art. They’re often hand-pulled silkscreens on thick card stock, made in limited editions by real craftspeople, who then number and sign each one. And many of them are designed in such a bold and colorful way that they’d be perfect for a kid’s room.

Wilco “growth spurt” poster, Wilcoweb, $25

If you have a favorite artist or band, you’re set. Wilco, for example, has some amazing prints available on their website.

Built To Spill silkscreen poster, Poster Cabaret/Landland, $30

Or check out Poster Cabaret and go for a wander. It will take work to match up your child’s exact birth date to the date of the show being advertised, but I think matching the year is close enough. Then you’ll have a true record of what was going on – in the musical world, as well as in your life – when your new favorite person came into it.


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