flyover territory

1 Feb

Flyover Rug, Land of Nod, $199-$299

First off, I want this rug. Don’t have anywhere to put it, but that doesn’t really matter. Discovered it on the Land of Nod website, which to me is pretty hit-or-miss. Actually, I’m surprised this didn’t land in the CB2 catalog instead (Crate & Barrel being their parent company) because it seems to fit much better in theme and playfulness with the hopscotch rug most recently covered all over the internets (also see here, and here) than their more traditional ABCs floor coverings.

Remember the first time you went on an airplane and you saw the world from up high? For me, an East Coaster, I can remember pressing my young face to the porthole window as we flew under the clouds and over the cornfields and farms. And like some cubist painting in greens and golds, it’s one of my cherished memories of flying to school in scenic Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. (I also recall the roar of the Dash 7 rubber-band engines and the sandbags they used in place of delinquent passengers. I was definitely braver back then.)

I’ve been asked my opinion on theme rooms before. And as this rug practically begs for aviation-related company, now seems like a good time to comment.

All you have to bring is your love of everything.

First off, I really dislike the term “theme room,” because it connotes over-the-topness, like Elvis’s Jungle Room or a heart-shaped hot tub (via Mount Airy Lodge video, above). But as with anything you’re passionate about, a measure of restraint can go a long way. So when the passion fades, the ‘theme’ pieces can be easily switched out or painted over. Basically, it’s best to assume that your kids will be as fickle with their rooms as they are with their toys.

Hot Air Balloon clothing hooks, My Pilot Store, $55 for set of six

Say your child loves aviation. Start with the rug. Then add a few other pieces, like these clothing hooks, above.

Four blade propeller, My Pilot Store, $169

Instead of a poster or painting, use a propeller. This one, a reproduction of a WWI four-blader, may even inspire some desktop research, or at least, Snoopy cartoon watching. If you’re so inclined, paint the walls a sky-blue color, add some airplane stencils and you’re good to go. I especially like these peel-and-stick stencils from Wallnutz – their mural kits are fully customizable, so you can add as many or as few rocketships and hot air balloons as you like.

Transportation Fascination kit, Wallnutz, $100

But, whatever you do, definitely get the rug.


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