modern chairs writ small

3 Feb

Barcelona chair, Knoll Kids, $3674 (what would Mies think?)

In my dreams of the near future, when Fionn gets older and our home gets larger, I plan on building him a fully-stocked playroom, complete with desks, easels, crayons, beanbags, Xboxes (I’m nothing if not a realist), and, of course, one perfectly-proportioned child-sized Barcelona chair.

For some reason, I thought a half-sized chair would cost half the price, but apparently that’s not how these things work in Modern Furnitureland. Maybe if the demand exists, someone will make a ‘faux’ version, like the white one I used to play on at Bubbie and Grandpa’s apartment in Rego Park.

As I’m still in my dream, I’m off to buy some more furniture.

Ava toddler chair by Jennifer DeLonge, Rosenberry Rooms, $350

This is a comparative bargain. And I really Jennifer DeLonge’s line of furniture, self-described as “hip furniture perfect for style-minded families who want their toddler’s furniture to be part of the home, and not just relegated to the kid rooms.” If you know more than I do about Blink-182, you’ll also know that she’s the wife of one of the guys in the band. (I know she’s her own person, apparently with a thriving business before her LA connections were further solidified through marriage, but I just had to make note of it. Sorry.)

Boom Lucy sectional,, $650

I have very little to say about this one, but I wanted to feature it. For some reason, it just feels wrong to take something serious and adult like a sectional sofa and shrink it down. It’s like seeing a baby wearing a tuxedo.

So, onto some hits…

Floral tufted kid’s chair, Target, $90

I worry that I’ve leaned towards featuring ‘boyish’ things on this blog, and I’m sure that having a son plays a part in this. But I think it’s also because so many furnishings specifically made for girls lean a little too far in the princess direction. That’s why I adore this chair from Target. It’s definitely feminine in shape and pattern but thoroughly modern and fresh.

Jonathan Adler, NY Int’l Gift Fair, courtesy

The blogs are all abuzz about Jonathan Adler’s new line for kids. As an already huge JA fan, I think most of his stuff is pretty kid-friendly to begin with. But in my dream, I’ll buy myself and my son matching chairs.

Lou Lou Ghost chair, Hive Modern, $133

Speaking of matching chairs, how cute are the Lou Lou versions of the Starck Ghost chairs? At $133, the price isn’t Terrible, and they’d instantly class-up an Ikea chalkboard-painted table.

There are so many more chairs to feature, but I’ll leave on a high note.

The Mod Rocker by Iglooplay, Design Public, $285 (or more)

If you haven’t checked out Design Public, go there now (I’ll wait). This online shop features a beautifully-curated assortment of modern furnishings and decorative arts.

This rocker is one of the items they sell. Yes, it’s expensive. Would it make you feel better to hear that it’s made of “eco-friendly sourced North American hardwood veneers with hardwood maple or walnut face?” Or that “the design gives an easy rock to mellow children” (do they mean children who are mellow or the ones who need mellowing?)

You know what I like the best about this chair? The name, which recalls one of my favorite movies of all time.

The original mod rocker.


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