to the moon

4 Feb

Space Duck by Bud,, $10

Do kids still dream of being astronauts? I really hope so. Say what you will about the American space program, I think everyone would agree that learning about space is one of the best parts of being a kid.

It feels like Space Week here at the Daley household. (Actually, that’s not totally accurate. If it were up to my husband, it’d be Space Week EVERY week. For All Mankind is already in constant DVD rotation, and Failure is Not an Option by Gene Krantz is currently on the nightstand. If you’re a space fan, please check out both. You won’t be sorry).

On a trip to Florida, our old friends stopped by the Kennedy Space Center and attended a lunch with astronaut Al Worden (who flew to the moon on Apollo 15). The space shuttle Endeavour is headed to the International Space Station this Sunday morning. And I discovered this book at Bookcourt, our local, and most amazing, bookstore.

Moonshot by Brian Floca, available on (link at top right)

Elegantly written and illustrated, it celebrates the voyage of Apollo 11 in a heartbreakingly beautiful way, from preparation, through the flight itself and the astronauts’ return to Earth.

Excerpt from Moonshot

So for those future astronauts, here’s a few suggestions for bringing that sense of wonder back home.

Rocketship tent canopy, Pottery Barn Kids, $179

1. A rocketship tent. At almost 8 feet high and nearly 4 feet across, there’s lots of room in here to plan the next mission. (Incidentally, one of my earliest memories is of playing in a ‘rocket’ in nursery school. . . although the memory revolves around me hitting my head and going to see the nurse. Not cut out to be an astronaut, I suppose.) I always wanted a play tent as a child, and I haven’t seen one finer than this one. Pottery Barn also carries other fantastic space-related items, such as a constellation rug and a set of hanging planets.

Blast Off Mini Blue Stuffed Rocket by Mamas Little Monkeys, Etsy, $20

2. Custom rockets. I found these clever little stuffed rocketships on Etsy – they come in a variety of fabrics and sizes, and are made to order. I think they’d stand out as great baby shower or newborn gifts instead of the traditional stuffed animal bear or dog.

Name a Star Gift Box, Red Envelope, $40

3. Your own freakin’ star. As the listing announces, “the majority of stars are unnamed and distinguished only by a catalog number.” For $40, you’re given a star and a guide on how to find it in the night sky. Of course, it’s a bit of a gimmick. But can you imagine being a kid, and getting a certificate saying that Star “Aidan” is now ‘officially’ recognized? It’s got to be exponentially better than a fake birth certificate that came with my Cabbage Patch Kid, and I thought that was pretty amazing at the time.

Moon song, The Mighty Boosh

4. The Mighty Boosh on DVD. Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt know how cool the moon can be.


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