discovered: red cribs

11 Feb

Duc Duc Cabana canopy crib, Duc Duc, $1445 (or here for DIY hints)

Immediately following ‘colorful ceilings’ on my growing list of Things that Never Occurred to Me When Planning My Nursery, now comes another paint-inspired item. As I’ve learned from hours upon hours of HGTV-watching (you’re guilty too. I know you are), it’s important for a newly-designed room to have a focal point, something that attracts your eye and becomes the ‘centerpiece’ of the space. As the thinking goes, if you’re designing a nursery, the obvious focal point would be the crib. And if your room is pretty plain so far, why not make the crib pop with color?

(Before you ask, yes, I have been snowed in with design star David Bromstad and his Color Splash reruns).

Hampton beadboard crib by Newport Cottages,, $1240

Red cribs are amazing. And for some reason, really expensive. Maybe it’s because of low demand for red cribs, which are often built on demand. Or maybe it’s because red is a darned tough color to paint, as anyone who’s painted a red wall can attest to. But whatever the reason, they’re worth investigating; when it comes to cost, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

1. If a manufacturer makes one model in red, chances are there are other models also available, and in other colors too. So if you like a crib but the one you’ve seen is too expensive, you may be able to find another model for less (either from the same manufacturer or from a different company, as manufacturers often sell the same crib under different brand names).

“Dick” crib, Bratt Decor, available here, now $650

Heritage crib, Bratt Decor, available here, reduced from $1499 to $749

2. Find closeout styles. As painted cribs are considered somewhat ‘trendy,’ they’re likely to be discontinued. The Bratt Decor cribs featured above are both are on sale; I think it’s because the company is now concentrating on its wrought-iron offerings.
Alex crib, Duc Duc, $1295

Gulliver crib (hacked), Ikea, $100 (hacked)

3. When in doubt, hack it!
Duc Duc cribs are great – they’re made of 100% hardwood (versus MDF), and coated with water-based, non toxic lacquers. They’re based in New York and make their furniture in Connecticut (see their environmental policy here). If you decide upon one of their cribs, you’ll be making a wise investment, but an investment nonetheless. Or, if you’re creative, build an Alex-inspired crib. Hack instructions available on Ohdeedoh.

Lastly, tip #4, as beautifully described by Talia, aka Joyous Little Wife, get a can of spray paint and call it a day.


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