denyse schmidt + embroidery hoops = custom art

12 Feb

denyse schmidtKatie Jump Rope collection by Denyse Schmidt at FreeSpirit Fabrics

Let me start on a disclaimer. I know very close to nothing about fabric, fabric designers, quilters or quilts, their related klatches, knitting circles or blog rings. So for those of you who know more than me (which is mostly everyone), please feel free to drop me a line and let me know your thoughts on this topic.

However, I do know a few things about Denyse Schmidt:
1. Denyse is from Massachusetts and studied graphic design at RISD (my dream school).

2. She has a thriving quilt business.
See this lovely interview at Sew, Mama, Sew!

squaresvilleSquaresville and Full Circle crib bedding, Land of Nod

3. Some of her beautiful quilts and crib bedding designs are now being offered at Land of Nod.

floral ribbonFloral Ribbon, FreeSpirit Fabrics

4. And she has a line of fabric, called Katie Jump Rope, that I’m absolutely crazy about. I especially love the Floral Ribbon print and the Daisy Bunch pattern. (The entire collection is on view at the FreeSpirit website, link above.) Here’s how the collection is described:

Denyse brings her colorful, fresh perspective to one of her most popular fabric collections for FreeSpirit. Katie’s patterns take their cue from the vintage charm of Denyse’s tag sale scores, with a distinctly modern appeal. The refreshing color range draws on the palette of an adorable vintage jump rope, filtered through the lens of Denyse’s jump-roping days of the early 70’s.

I was inspired to research Denyse’s fabrics after noticing a smattering of posts across the internets featuring embroidery hoops in place of picture frames on people’s walls. As I’m not much of a crafter, this seems like the perfect afternoon project.

Single pattern, single colorway, featured on

I found this image (above) on – it features one fabric and a single-sized embroidery hoop.

Norah’s nursery on

This one (above) features different patterns and different-sized hoops. A great thing about embroidery hoops above a crib is that they’re lightweight (safe) and the fabric is easily changed with the decor. (Instead of a typical stretched canvas, why not use an extra crib sheet and match your art to your crib set?)

Lorena and David’s nursery on

Lastly, this design (above) requires little bit more work, but at least you won’t need a mobile! Featured on multiple sites, like the Inspiring Mama blog, Lorena and David did a beautiful job. They even used glow-in-the-dark paint on some of the fabrics! Another creative ceiling feature (see this back link for more)…

If you’re so inspired, I’ve found a place on Etsy where you can buy Denyse’s Katie Jump Rope fabrics by the yard. See the Honeybee Humble Store (username: fabricbee) for more information. And please send me your photos if you get creative.


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