a new flor rug

14 Feb

flor favorite jeansFLOR Favorite Jeans (‘faded black’) in Fionn’s room

Last week’s post on FLOR patterns inspired me to replace our old area rug with a new design made of modular tiles. Spotted a new style called Favorite Jeans and called off the search. (Don’t you love it when that happens? It makes for terrible viewing on Say Yes to the Dress, but it’s terrifically satisfying in real life.) As you can see in the snapshot above, the dark gray color (with orange accents) fits perfectly in our room (with light gray walls and orange accents).

Top row: black label, overdyed, denim blue, faded black.
Bottom row: vintage, green jeans, khaki.

The tile is available in seven colors (above), which all feature a clever orange “selvage” stitch at one end. Interestingly, not all tiles come with this detail:

Favorite Jeans features slightly washed-out colors with the familiar deep orange-yellow of denim stitching at irregular intervals. . . the orange “selvage” stitch is random and is not present on every tile.

Faded Jeans in ‘overdyed’

I ordered 15 tiles, which, when arranged in a 3 x 5 formation, created a 5′ x 8′ area rug (give or take a few inches). At $9/tile, the rug cost about $135 plus shipping, which sounds reasonable to me, especially considering the very real possibility of a dog- or child-related tile switch out. Cleaning or replacing area rugs can become quite costly in the long run. . .

As the image above suggests, I anticipated receiving a majority of non-selvage tiles, with a few selvage tiles thrown in. What I got were twice as many stripey ones as plain ones. And as the catalog (website) recommends installing Favorite Jeans in a parquet style, planning the pattern became a bit of a challenge.

Xes mark plain tiles, arrows show pile direction. Very technical.

A few variables nonwithstanding, assembly of my new FLOR rug was super-easy and incredibly satisfying. It was certainly more effort to move the furniture than it was to install the carpet.

flor favorite jeansAnd voila.


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