best of the blogs: framed games

15 Feb

Off the shelf, onto the wall.

The Idea:

Game Board Storage Art. It comes from a site called Infarrantly Creative. As not all of us have access to the materials required for this project, I’ve simplified and customized each step to better suit the RFYO approach to interior design.

The Original:

1. Find an old board game.
2. Purchase lumber.
3. Assemble frame with table & miter saw, spray paint, finishing nails.
3. Insert board, attach game pieces to back.

RFYO Version:

1. Search for ‘vintage board games.’

Thunderball game, 1965, recently sold on ($47.50)

Jet World game, 1970’s, Time Warp Toys, $28

Divorce game, 1985, Vintage Board Games, $18

Too wrong not to share. Described thusly: This game is played at the start position as a married person, traveling around the board in an effort to be the remaining player still married.

2. Buy a frame to match the game board’s dimensions.

Most boards measure out at 20×20, which is not a typical standard size for frames. However, they are available, such as this one available on for $20. I’ve featured it in the shopping bar at top right for reference.

(Disclaimer: I’m a frame shop snob. To me, the difference between a readymade frame and a custom frame is like the difference between an ironed shirt and one that’s been professionally pressed. But sometimes a quick touch up will do, especially for a project like this.)

3. Frame the board.
4. Place game pieces in a plastic storage bag, and throw in a drawer.

There you go. Instant interactive artwork, great conversation pieces, and the start of a new collection.


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