initial posters are the new wall letters

16 Feb

“F” type critter poster by Sara Hayashi, Etsy, $8 to $20

I hate to be a hater, so apologies in advance. But I must say I’m kind of getting tired of wooden wall letters. I love the idea, mind you. But the fonts are so samey and the colors are so dull. It’s just funny how something meant for personalizing your unique child’s space has become so commonplace.

A little before Christmas, I was browsing Urban Outfitters and happened upon a pile of bright, enamel-painted letters, probably about 10″ high. They were high-gloss, fuschia and teal and green and chartreuse, and of course, I didn’t buy any. Searched the website and came up empty-handed. Found this instead:

Marquee Lights ‘@’ Sign, Urban Outfitters, $178

Reminiscent of old storefront signs (missing their plastic covers), I only wish these Marquee Lights were available in other shapes. After searching a variety of other sites, I still haven’t found the perfect wall letters in a simple typeface (Helvetica, anyone?) and nice colors.

Onto Etsy, then.

That’s where I discovered these incredible initial posters. I’ll be doing a post on customized name posters shortly – featuring my favorite MadeByGirl styles. But these are altogether different and really quite special.

Designed by a woman named Sara Hayashi, each poster features one letter, repeated to create a beautiful abstract pattern. Described as “high quality giclee prints of an original design, available in custom colors and letters,” I’m assuming they’re created on demand. Here are some more examples of the styles available:

And you can’t beat the price. Ranging from $8 for 5×7 to $20 for 13×19, how about mounting them as a set of three, two in green on blue and one in blue on green? Or maybe one for each initial, to create a virtual monogram. Match them to your bedding or add an accent color. All I know is that these “critter posters” seem a lot more fun than plain wooden letters.


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