seeking offline visual inspiration

16 Feb

MCM changing table, Pelicolina, Flickr

After fifteen years, I’m a ‘student’ again. However, I’m using the term loosely, as this education consists of one class, and my studies take place in the gaps between diaper changes. And although quarter beer nights are few and far between, I’m happy to report my enrollment in an interior design class at Parsons for the spring session.

Being a student, I’m sharing some inspiration – images that I’ve discovered over the past few weeks, rooms that I consider the best of the best in (vintage) modern nursery/kids room design. Being a student, I’m also asking for help with my homework.

Mid-century modern kid’s room, Chimay Bleue, Flickr

HGTV Dream Home 2010, Kid’s Bedroom (2 photos)

Ella + Elliot’s Modern Toddler Room, Flickr (2 photos)

I’ve been asked to bring to class “a couple of magazines rich on visual content” that I’d be willing to cut up in class. While I was reading the email, it occurred to me that much of my visual inspiration now comes from online sources or books, but not magazines. Then I happened on an article about the same issue, titled “Is Dwell Magazine Folding?”

An excerpt follows:

And with the rise of popular shelter blogs shelling out decorating advice for free, is there still a need for glossy design mags? Maria Niles writes at BlogHer, “It is quite the cruel irony – by blogging, [a blogger’s] love inspired by shelter…magazines might be helping to kill the magazines they loved and from which their blogging was, at least in part, born.”

I don’t want to kill magazines. I love magazines! But in this area, I’m lost. Where should I go for images like the ones shown above? (I’m open to images beyond interiors, by the way). Where do you find inspiration in print? Leave your suggestions for me in the comments section.

UPDATE: Thanks for the online and offline suggestions, everyone. Keep going, I love the feedback.


One Response to “seeking offline visual inspiration”

  1. Anonymous April 24, 2010 at 4:00 am #

    Can't help you, but I thought I'd post a word of encouragement and thanks, since my daughter's room is one of the photos you've used above as inspiration. Thanks! Darren (aka Chimay Bleue)

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