lets go to the races

21 Feb

There’s an amazing little spot on Atlantic Avenue in the Boerum Hill section of Brooklyn called Vintage Signage. I hesitate to call it a ‘store’ because it doesn’t seem like they actually sell anything there. Packed to the rafters with everything from vintage Bibendum figurines to just-plain-old Keith Richards posters, the store literally spills out onto the sidewalk in front. However, nothing in this closet-like space seems to feature an actual price tag. In following that old adage about ‘if you have to ask..,’ I’ve never ventured beyond browsing.

Walking by the shop the other day, I just had to stop and take a few pictures of this odd piece of hardware. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. And if it’s still there when I walk by again later this week, I’m going to find out how much it costs.

Twelve race horses with numbered red jackets are attached to spokes. The whole thing is metal, and it spins around a mounted base. I have no idea what it is. My dad suggested that it was probably attached to a game in the old penny arcades. If it’s not too heavy, I think it’d be perfect to mount sideways on a wall as both decorative toy and folk art. I could see an entire room designed around it – reds and whites, flags and jockeys’ uniform patterns.

In related news…

You’ve probably heard of Little Sapling Toys, makers of the coolest handmade stackers, teethers and rattles. If you haven’t yet, check out their shop on Etsy.

Mod Toddler Rocking Horse, Little Sapling Toys, Etsy, $65

In keeping with the race horse theme, I discovered their beautiful Mod Toddler Rocking Horse. It’s a beautiful piece of handmade woodwork. At $65 you’ll have a unique heirloom to treasure, long after your kids have outgrown it. Plus, with every toy sold, Little Sapling plants a tree through Trees for the Future.

Stumbled upon any other equestrian finds? Let me know in the comments section.


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