Warhol-inspired silver pillows

26 Feb

Throw Cushion, Zid Zid Kids, $174

This morning, I spotted these mod-yet-eclectic silver round pillows by Zid Zid Kids. The first thing I thought of? Andy Warhol.

It’s amazing how the simplest things can make the greatest impressions. It must have been almost ten years ago that I was sent to Pittsburgh, the hometown of Mr Warhola, for a work assignment. I was lucky enough to have an afternoon free to check out his eponymous museum, where I first encountered this:

Permanent installation, Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh

Tasputen, who posted the following video to YouTube, provides background.

“In April of 1966, the Leo Castelli Gallery in New York opened an exhibit by the true Jay Gatsby of American art, Andy Warhol. Silver Clouds, as it was called, consisted in its entirety of a roomful of silver, metalized plastic pillow-shaped balloons inflated with helium and oxygen. They floated . . . that’s all they did . . . held aloft by the gallery’s own air vents.”

Here’s the original.

Silver Flotations, Leo Castelli Gallery, 1966

Simple, yet mesmerizing in some strange way. In Pittsburgh, you’re encouraged to interact with the pillow-cloud-balloons. And just like playing in the snow, you lose track of yourself, your self-consciousness dissolves, and you find yourself standing there, looking up, waiting for the next weightless cloud to fall.

Why not bring this feeling indoors?

BlissLiving Rocco Silver 12×20 Pillow, Walmart, $65

Found this beautifully understated pillow (if that’s possible in silver) at Walmart, of all places. It’s faux-leather and down-filled. For girls, it could make for a bright contrast in a pale-hued room, adding some much-needed modernity if you’re drowning in princess gear. For boys, you can really play up the industrial side of the metallic tone, even pairing with the robots featured in an earlier post.

Metahlowski pillow in Silvi, Fatboy, $339

I’ve never been a huge fan of the Fatboy range of products, but I could really go for this silver body pillow in lieu of another chair.

The Home Centric, Etsy, $21-$28

Lastly, the best deal comes again from Etsy, where I’ve been finding all my bargains lately. Check out these pillow covers from the Home Centric. They’re the creations of a woman named Urvi, who works in Pune, India. These are just a sampling of her designs. I know they’re a bit intricate, and perhaps delicate, for kids’ rooms, but how can you go wrong for $28 dollars? I especially covet the pillow on the lower right that’s covered in baubles. It makes me happy to look at it, just like the Warhol clouds do.


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