books you shouldn't buy #2

17 Mar

This is the second installment of my ‘books you shouldn’t buy’ feature.

Baby Rooms by Creative Homeowner (available on Amazon)

Boy, I set a high bar with this book.  As mentioned in BYSB #1 (here), I received a bunch of kid design books through Paperback Swap, thinking they’d be great as design reference materials.  I didn’t anticipate that books copyrighted in 2004 would seem so outdated.

They do.

 Time warp!

Don’t get me wrong.  There are some very helpful tips to be found amidst the 200-something pages.  Crib tents help prevent cats from jumping on babies.  Vertical stripes help make short ceilings appear taller.  Mobiles keep babies entertained, and help develop eye-tracking skills.

Here are the two decorating ideas I found somewhat interesting:

“Weekend cabin theme” room

1. The tackle box/storage bin and custom height chart with adjustable measuring bit.  Never really considered a cabin theme in a kid’s room; now I’m thinking it could be really cute if not taken too far.

You put your eggs in there (reminds me of this)

2. Wall murals often provide an opportunity to build things out – 3D style – by attaching objects to the illustration.  The book uses a bird’s nest, but I’ve seen great things done with branch-like hooks and knobs for hanging clothes.  I especially love the use of birdhouses, something I’ve seen before on Ohdeedoh and below, on Country Living’s website. 

Wallpaper tree, Country Living

The tree is made of wallpaper scraps, fashioned into a trunk and leaves.  It’s sweet, unisex, and much fresher than anything featured in my book.


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