salvage shop picture frames

18 Mar

Spring! Finally.
In honor of today’s perfect weather, we took a long walk, which gave me the opportunity to visit some of my old favorite haunts on the way to Prospect Park.

One of the best shops for homemade, authentic handicrafts is called Cog & Pearl. It’s on 5th Avenue in Park Slope – if you live nearby I highly recommend a visit.  It’s great for gifts (for oneself and others), the items never feel too cutesy or hipster-ish, and there’s always something affordable to take home with you.

Liam’s 4 lens camera photo 

Liam’s mum’s Venice watercolor

Today’s visit reminded me of the two picture frames we’d purchased there.  Made of tin ceiling tiles and old clapboard wood, they’re made by a group of folks who run/own an architectural salvage store in Oneonta, NY.   The company is called Architques – but the frames, mirrors, and shelves are creative by-products of their salvage business (New York Salvage). 

I love the idea of ‘upcycling’ when it comes to home decor, especially when used as a contrast or accent piece in a modern room.  Here’s a description from the Architiques website:

“Our decorative home accents are made from Authentic Architectural building materials. Antique ceiling tin, Old wood(molding, clapboard & beadboard) is used to make these one-of-a-kind pieces. We try to keep our products as authentic as possible to have a variaty of colors, so there are times when our salvaged materials are enhanced with color. Shades may vary, level of distress varies & due to our ever changing stock, our tin patterns vary.”

Tin and wood frames, up to 8×10, $38-$75

The salvage shop has some interesting finds as well. 

Carnival ride sign, 1950’s, $350

Their Ebay store seems a bit more affordable, but to be honest, I’d stick with the frames.


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