great area rugs for baby girls

25 Mar

The post below is inspired by a Twitter request by one of my followers, Monica Shulman (aka @Ciaocessa). It reads: design friends, I’m looking for a whimsical yet stylish & modern rug for my baby girl’s room. Can you point me in the right direction? 🙂

Turns out, I’ve since received more information about her nursery, so I’ve sent Monica a different set of suggestions.  If there’s interest, I’ll cover those in a later post.  But for now, here are my favorites.

Some caveats:
In the interest of time (and sanity), I’ll attach the links but haven’t gone through the discipline of posting prices.  Needless to say, prices vary by size and style.  I haven’t included the obvious selections (dwellstudio, for example, has some beautiful pieces which match their bedding ensembles, and Land of Nod is consistently inspiring).   And I haven’t included my current obsession – FLOR tiles – but if you’ve missed it, you can see Fionn’s room here.

1. Cool Kids
Cool Kids Universe is a clearinghouse for all sorts of kids stuff, from furniture to bedding to lighting to floor coverings.  I really like the colors in this rug (below); it allows for a lot of decorating flexibility.  And something about it reminds me of a Karim Rashid design with some sixties psychedelia thrown in.

Flower Power Area Rug, Cool Kids Universe

2. CB2
“Hopscotch” (below) has been covered all over the internets, so I won’t go into detail here.  But it’s the kind of rug that grows with your child, if you decide to keep it that long, and the kind of rug that’s low-risk ($199) if you change your mind.

Hopscotch rug, CB2

3. Rugs USA
I have a thing for felted stones, as evidenced here.  I’ve always loved the stone rug (below), and think it could be lots of fun in a kids room – with any color or style of decor.

Stone rug, Rugs USA

4.  My Urban Child
The next few rugs are from an amazing storefront called My Urban Child.  There are so many great items here, especially the Chandra rugs.   If I’m not mistaken, they’re the designs of a woman named Lisa Masterson, whose art has been translated to flooring.  Many of the designs come in multiple colorways; these are the ones I gravitated towards:

Avalisa rug

Fishbowl rug

Barrel of Monkeys

5.  Pillows and Throws
Lastly, the Parasols rug (below) is also a Chandra design, by Thomas Paul. I found it for sale on a site called  But as with any of these designs, if you like the rug, please do a comparison shopping search online to make sure you’re getting the best price.

Parasols by Thomas Paul

If you have a specific design question, please email me at and I’ll do my best to answer it for you.


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