blast off – again!

26 Mar
Fionn’s favorite stuffed rocket, Etsy
In an earlier post (see here), I wrote about Mamas Little Monkeys and her adorable stuffed rocketships available for sale on Etsy.  Today, I was browsing the merchandise at Carousel Designs, and discovered the same pattern (albeit in a different colorway) on a super-cute crib bedding set.

Blast Off bedding, Carousel Designs

Of course, the colors are different; this set features a chartreuse-type color (if you’re interested, I’d take them up on their three-swatches-for-$1.50 offer, just to be sure).  And if I’d seen this a few days earlier, I may have featured it on my black-and-white bedding feature as well. . . (wow, a double back-link! next time i’ll try to make it three.)

Pattern close-up

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention – the prices on this website are incredibly good.  The four-piece ensemble (featured above) is only $146, which is now close to unheard of for a matching set.  Carousel will also do custom orders (for a fee, of course) if you decide that you want more of the chartreuse fabric and less of the black. 

In addition to most anything fabric-covered that goes in a kid’s room, the website also features cradle and portable crib bedding – two things that seem to be incredibly difficult to find  – and stuff for the older kiddies too.  I really appreciate the company’s philosophy as well.  Basically, you’re not going to be using these pieces for too long.  But for as long as you do, you deserve high quality at reasonable prices.


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