photo of the week (slightly OT)

26 Mar
Although I’ve gone paperless for nearly everything financially-related, for some reason I’m still getting my Macy’s bill the old-fashioned way.   And this means receiving not just a statement, but all the fun free tote bag inserts, perfume samples, and – of course – carpet cleaning offers that come along for the ride.
Found this one for “Macy’s Cleaning Services” yesterday.
“No, honey, don’t worry. I’ve got a guy who cleans up after me.”
I’m desperately hoping an assistant account executive somewhere was lucky enough to find a stock photo cross-indexed as ‘carpet cleaning/lazy husband/sexy legs shot/mud tracks/modern home.’  Otherwise, it would seriously hurt my brain to think someone recently lost hours of their precious life staging a photo shoot for this particular purpose.
I understand that messes happen.  But if this kind of mess happened in my house, you’d better believe that my male companion:
1. wouldn’t be reclining on the sofa with that look on his face for very long.
2. would be setting up direct debit with Macy’s for both the cleaning and my credit account.

Have a good weekend.  And be careful with light-colored carpet.


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