children's illustrations by Charrow

29 Mar

Flying cat by Charrow, Etsy, $20

Every Saturday morning before my design class at Parsons, I always seem to find myself making a detour for coffee.  And along with half the students in my class, it’s become a habit (bordering on obsession) to get an excellent beverage at a place called Joe.

This particular branch is on 13th Street, but apparently, there are a few other branches scattered around the city (near most NYC college campuses).   What I like about this place, above and beyond their food and drink, is that the cafe is also a gallery, used to showcase the artwork of their baristas (who also receive profiles on the Joe website).  

One such barista/artist is a woman known as Charrow.   I was so taken by her paintings that I just had to share. 

Bio at Joe on 13th Street

Charrow primarily works in gouache, a type of watercolor, for her illustrations.

I didn’t do it, Etsy, $20

Many of the illustrations feature animals being cheeky in some way.  Flying cat, at top, was my favorite at the coffee shop, but there are so many more to see on Charrow’s website.   I don’t know if she has a children’s book in the works (I hope so); along with Children’s Book, her “Categories List” includes Commission, Greeting Card, and Conceptual.

Ugly sweater from Children’s Book
(Scarily similar to how my pup sleeps in our bed).

Charrow’s Etsy shop (echarrow) is like a greatest-hits collection, where you can purchase prints of her gouache paintings.  She also accepts special orders and commissions: “If you see something on one of my sites that you wish to have a print of please let me know.”

I can’t imagine an animal lover – of any age – not loving her work.


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