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old skateboards, new furniture

28 Apr

Baby Deck chair by Boardgames, Etsy, sold out.

Saw this chair featured on Ohdeedoh today and had to investigate further.  Jason Greene, creator and founderof Boardgames, uses old skateboards and refashions them into gorgeous toys and furniture.  The idea of upcycling skateboards isn’t new (just scroll down) but I’m especially impressed with the way these are fashioned, tongue-in-groove, clean and smooth.

It seems as though Greene makes these pieces by hand, one at a time.  So if you’re quick, you may be able to pick up this stool, below:

 Blank stool by Boardgames, Etsy, $65

And lest you think this reworked/upcycled/recycled skateboard trend is just for the boys… 

Recycled yellow bangle by alldekdout, Etsy, $22

My skateboard bangle is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry – it’s super lightweight, fun, virtually indestructable, and one-of-a-kind.  The folks at alldekdout also sell earrings and other pieces of jewelry – check out their shop here.

Found some more examples of ‘deck furniture’ – many of which are no longer available for sale.  I especially like this shelving unit, apparently once having been sold by Walmart, at

Skateboard shelf

Then there’s the Skate Study House, a clever take on the mid-century Case Study House style… 

 Eames-inspired chair

Noguci-inspired coffee table

Nelson-inspired skate wheel clock

Read more on their website ee them on their website – I think they also create their items to order, but have the clock and some lamps available for immediate purchase (at around $200 a pop).

Then, of course, there’s Pottery Barn, below. These shelves are from PBTeen.

Skateboard shelves, PBTeen, $75 for two

Yes, you can get an old deck and some brackets and drill the holes yourself.  Or you can go the easy way.  For this price, I might just buy them ready-to-go.

Lastly, my favorite piece of furniture, but still in prototype-mode, unfortunately.

Shredbed by Chad Knight

Skater Chad Knight seems to have invested in furniture design.  I’ve read about it on a few websites, but haven’t seen anything more since 2008 about its saleability.  Could be a great inspiration piece for the handy parent, however.  Just take a basic Ikea Malm bed and attach some skateboards to the head and foot of the frame.  Or just create your own headboard.  Just itching for some graffiti, isn’t it?


navy and gold, cub scouts, and vintage-look dresses

27 Apr

Have you ever noticed something, then couldn’t *stop* noticing it for about a week afterwards?
Perhaps it started on the day trip we made to East Hampton, with its endless strip of Ralph Lauren retail opportunities.

Or maybe it was inspired by the tales regaled by my husband of his time as a Cub, which were, in turn, inspired by my longing for Girl Scout cookies.

Vintage Cub Scout ephemera,

Or perhaps the mere fact of being in Greenport, having eaten my weight in steamers by the seaside, then returning to Brooklyn to find custom-designed totes by Wm. J. Mills for our local (Brooklyn) designer shop, Epaulet:

 Steamer Canvas Bag, Epaulet, $175

Regardless, I’ve been noticing a trend, and I’m sure you’ve noticed it too…

Shopbop email ad, 4/26/10

Nautical-themed or not, navy, gold & white feel really fresh right now, both in fashion and interiors.   I’m so in love with the idea of painting stripes on a wall somewhere – whether single-color (alternating gloss and matte, ala HGTV makeover shows), lines of equal weights, or to just add some visual contrast to a room.

Below, some variations on this color combo that I’ve spotted lately.  Enjoy.

Eclipse skirt, Brooklyn Industries, $68 (I’ve already bought it)

Awesome vintage-style twinset from Little Malaika, approx $30 USD

Monogram Jack & Lulu wall art, $50 (includes frame)

Fantastic striped room (Traditional Home  via Nursery Notations)- thanks Andrika!

Another nautical-inspired room (source unknown)

BHG website with tutorial on stripe-painting here.

A vertical take on the navy/white combo via Flickr

I think these rooms could be both masculine or feminine; it’s really about the accent colors and the accessories that makes it gender-specific. 

And, lastly, proof of the zeitgeist-worthiness of navy and gold… Brian Williams.  This is my best website find in a while, better than Sexy Executives.

This past Friday, here’s what Brian wore:

Brian works the Navy-and-Gold Palette like nobody’s business. Tonight’s striped version of it is a bit more elegant, however, because the blue leans violet and the gold is a pale and subtle shade. This tie is a drinks-after-work date, the jacket unbuttoned as he leans across the table to share a smile and a joke. Her glass of oaked Chardonnay sparkles in the light, and with a subtle and quick gesture, she silences her cellphone and smiles back.

UPDATE: Here are some more vertical stripes and great inspiration from The Peak of Chic blog.  

inspiration: house to home online

14 Apr

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For the first time since Fionn was born in late August, Grandma Daley is coming to visit.  In fact, she’s en route right now.  We’re so excited to see her, and we’re probably equally excited to use this visit as a chance to take the week off from our (lovely, yet) shrinking apartment here in Brooklyn.  For the next week and a half, we’ll be out on the North Fork of Long Island, the home of fantastic vineyards, beautiful rocky beaches, and farm-fresh vegetables.  I’m also anticipating a lack of internet access, so this will be my last post for about a week or so.  Hope to see you all on the other side, with a new post near the end of April.

In honor of the Daley homestead, I’ll leave you with some excellent inspiration from a UK website I’ve recently discovered.  It’s called House to Home, and as I understand it, H2H is the parent website to a series of ‘shelter’ magazine titles published by IPC Media (which includes LivingEtc, among others).  

Here are some of my favorite rooms, starting with a striped British stunner:

Union Jack shared bedroom

Four-poster with cozy curtains

Brilliant built-ins in a shared space

Bunk bed-slash-play house

Painted floorboards, bright space

 Antique sleigh bed (awesome…)

Check out even more kids’ inspiration here.

Take care, everyone, and talk to you soon.

roll call

14 Apr

Vintage bus roll, found here

A few years ago, we had one of these old oilcloth sheets (the MTA made them for both buses and subways) haphazardly hanging in the living room.

The only picture I could find

When we moved, we sold it on Ebay, and definitely not for the amount that this guy is fetching for them.  Because apparently now the vintage MTA signs are incredibly popular, appearing in movies and on the sets of multiple TV shows (you can read JR’s page for more information). 

If you’re not picky about destination or location, he will pick a section of an old route roll for you for around $100 bucks.  

Luckily, I’ve found some great alternatives, if you like the style of these old signs and want to support handmade art by small businesses.

Wooden sign, Signs of Vintage, Etsy $46-60

Signs of Vintage is a great shop on Etsy.  Among other lovely hand-painted signs, they’ll custom-make one of these destination signs for you, based on the locations you choose.  Memorialize your favorite stops on the bus, or recall the highlights of a recent trip to New York. 

Bedtime Bus Roll Print, Sweet Prints, MiniStyle, $32.65 (US)

Just discovered the MiniStyle website and I’m in love with their selection.  True to the reputation of kids’ shops in Australia, this site offers a variety of beautifully-designed stuff for kids – and yes, they ship to the US.   This poster, by Sweet Prints (if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years as a branding consultant, it’s that kids’ and pets’ companies take the cake when it comes to punny brand names) is my absolute favorite.   A clever take on the bus roll original (complete with ‘slight printer roller marks to add to the vintage feel of the poster’), you can even customize the order of events to accommodate your baby’s unique bedtime routine. 

Lastly, all this talk of white-on-black print reminds me of these:

A small sample of designs inspired by Experimental Jetset

I found a great article by the guys who brought to the world the original John&Paul&Ringo&George T shirt, which then spawned a mass of imitators (I’m sure you have your own favorite).  It’s a fascinating story and an example of the internet/cultural meme at work.  Create your own with subway or bus stops, and the world might seriously twist inside out.

Any other examples of white type/black background designs you’ve seen lately? Let me know!

luggage storage and fun travel stickers

9 Apr

update: glider prices

8 Apr

Received a comment today from a reader that mysteriously disappeared (sorry!) but not before I could read and seek a response.

Apparently, the prices I quoted for the gliders from the Posh Tots website no longer apply.  I returned to the site today and noticed that the sale prices were gone.  But I’ve contacted Customer Service and have asked them to clarify – whether it was a one-time deal or if the sale prices will be returning.  I’m looking forward to hearing from them and I’ll let everyone know when I get a response.

UPDATE: Received a lovely response from PT and updated the Glider post to reflect non-sale prices (Unfortunately, it was a March promotion and is now finished).

pillows of creation

7 Apr

Reflection Nebula, $1750

If you’re a reader of Dwell magazine, you may have already read about the amazing work by an artist named Jimmy McBride (Jimmy, if you’re reading this, hope it’s OK that I’ve posted these images.)  I have a thing for art created from traditional materials – see the Museum of Arts & Design for more inspiration – and especially love it when textiles commonly associated with traditional ‘women’s work’ are translated in this way.

As readers of this blog already know, my husband is a huge fan of Space (we downloaded Cosmos on the Roku last night).  So I was doubly impressed to find him not only loving McBride’s work, but finding his renditions especially impressive. 

Pillars of Creation

Amazing detail.

For those (like me) new to Hubble photos, this is one of the most famous.  Taken in April 1995, it’s a real picture documenting the birth of stars — a nursery of stars, if you will!  According to Wikipedia, “the stars here are formed by other stars eroding at fingers of gas and this forms an egg shape out of the finger. Each “egg” is around the same size as our Solar System and houses a brand new star.”

Here’s the original composite photo:

Each column, known scientifically as an “elephant trunk,” is nearly seven light years long.

I wish we could afford one of these quilts… they’d be endlessly fascinating to study.   But if you’ve got the funds, and are in the market for a new piece of art, I’d definitely recommend making the $2K investment for a 52″ x 46″ Butterfly Nebula quilt.  Or, for $800, a cargo blanket featuring the April night sky. One wall down, only three to go! 

 The Butterfly Nebula

Cargo Blanket
A true blanket of stars.  Sorry, couldn’t help myself.