jungle room inspired design

5 Apr

I had a dream last night that I was at Graceland.   Maybe I was listening to too much Vampire Weekend, which reminded my brain of Paul Simon.  Who knows.

Elvis’s famed Jungle Room

Regardless, if you’ve never been to Memphis, I’d highly recommend a visit.  The Mansion, well, that’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  (Unless you’re a die-hard fan, once will be more than enough).  The Jungle Room is one of the most (in)famous rooms in the house – I haven’t been there in almost twenty years and I can still remember the indoor waterfall and shag carpeting (on both floor and ceiling, I think).  The story is that Elvis decorated this room in one day against the wishes of his father, Vernon, who Hated it.  But as with everything in the house, the room still has its OTT charm.

I was thinking how great an inspiration/jumping-off point the jungle room would make.  Of course, the trick is to maintain that precious balance between homage and kitsch while staying on the good side of taste.  And, of course, time heals many design wounds, such as the ones caused by shag carpeting.  We’re at the point where I’d actually consider it, whereas my mom would make a puke face at the mere suggestion.

So here goes.  The first thing I found was this awesome vintage-looking safari print bedding from the Company Store Kids.  (It reminds me of the Star Wars sheets my brother had as a kid, except with animals).   I built the room around the green rug and yellow accents (very 70s), including faux animal print textiles and lots of wicker and wood.

Clockwise from bottom left:

Giraffe print kid’s rocking chair, Toddle Rock, $54.95
Benjamin Moore color swatches
Half Moon snake charmer basket (aka hamper), Target, $65.99
Big Game Safari comforter cover, Company Kids, $69.00
Zebra mini-print photos by Amelia Kay Photography, Etsy, $12
Vintage amber glass pendant lamp by Fishbone Deco, Etsy, $98
Large cardboard rhino, PopDeluxe, $48
Surya green shag rug (3’6″x5’6″) Rugs USA, $285
Live edge coffee table by Lorimer Workshop, $775
Wood grain vinyl blinds, Target, $10-$18

Then all you need are some fun stuffed animals, a Land Rover play truck and some plastic snakes, and you’re all set for safari.


One Response to “jungle room inspired design”

  1. eric @ my First Garage April 6, 2010 at 12:32 pm #

    Don't forget a great big palm or other tropical plant for your jungle room! On a separate note, Vampire Weekend sometimes reminds me of Paul Simon, too. how strange, right?

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