the new canopy beds

1 May

My childhood bed was *slightly* cooler than this

I’ve got both a cold and an awesome mom who’s playing with her grandson in the other room.  Lying under the covers earlier this morning to feel the benefit of my Vapo-Rub-smeared body,  I was reminded of the awesome canopy bed I had as a young teenager.   Although the white four-poster with white eyelet fabric didn’t last more than a few seasons (a combination of dust and the changeable tastes of a teenager), I remember it fondly.

And as with many mid-80s trends, the traditional canopy bed (seen above) seems to gone the way of the e.g. smith scrunchie sock.  Inspired by a photo in a previous post (the perfect 4-poster with tie-on-drapes), I decided to check out what’s taken its place.

1. Cabana tents

White monogrammed scallop canopy, Pottery Barn Kids, $150

Although not a full canopy per se, I love the feeling of this tent-like covering.  Plus, your children will be adequately prepared for seeing and being seen at the Westwood W Hotel swimming pool:

Poolside room service is nice.

It appears that the cabanas are mounted to the ceiling by a string, then held up with a frame (sold separately for another $30).  If you’re feeling adventurous, the canopy also comes in pink stripes (more circus than swimming pool) and khaki for a safari feel (and would have gone perfectly in my jungle themed room!)

Lots of pink (top) and safari-ready fabrics (bottom)

2.  Decorative mosquito nets

Mombasa feather net canopy,, $18.69

I really love the look of this feather-adorned netting, although after having once spent a week in Southern India (where mosquito nets are more functional than decorative), the whole idea of them kind of skeeves me out.  Personally, I’d half expect to find bugs staring at me when I awaken, and that’s not a recipe for sweet dreams.

3. Curtain-rod faux canopies

Liz Lange’s Westchester home, decorated by Jonathan Adler, House Beautiful

What a fantastic idea.  Jonathan Adler hung curtain rods from the ceiling, then used ordinary drapery/curtain panels to create the surrounding canopy.  I probably wouldn’t advise using this technique for young children’s rooms (you don’t want anyone hanging from ceiling-mounted curtain rods) but it’s just such a creative and fantastic idea for an older child.   The entire house is incredible – there are more photos on the House Beautiful link above.

4. DIY board-mounted canopy curtains

Girl’s Room, Interior Decorating

Are you handy with a sewing machine and staple gun? If so, the folks at suggest the following: “You can make this dramatic canopy by stapling fabric to a board mounted on the ceiling. The tie back curtain panels can be lined with plain white lining or you might choose a coordinating print that peeks out for contrast.”  What’s great about this version is that you can coordinate your sheets/bedding with your canopy and create a true centerpiece to any bedroom. 

Lastly, after nearly finishing this post, I found an article on Apartment Therapy (of course) with some additional options.  They are almost all four-poster frame beds; one commenter suggested that the mere suggestion of a canopy is enough.  But I’d still prefer the curtains.


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