staple guns and custom wall coverings

3 May

 Caroline’s room, with oilcloth-covered wall

An amazing room tour on the other day (ignore my dumb comment, btw) reminded me of another favorite childhood decor memory, this time courtesy of my handy dad.

When I graduated from toddler bed to big girl room, (my parents and) I found a beautiful new bedding set – delicate floral bouquets tied together with royal blue ribbons, on a white background.   I would have loved to cover the entire room in these little bouquets tied together with royal blue ribbons, but unfortunately, and unlike my best friend’s Waverly pattern (which I coveted like mad), there was no complementary matching wallpaper available to match the sheets, comforter, dust ruffle and sham.

So my enterprising father bought a couple of extra king-sized flat sheets and proceeded to staple them to the bed-side wall.  Custom wallpaper.  I LOVED IT.

 Ikea Fabler fabric, 118″ x 47″, $8

Ikea Fabler/Groda children’s textiles and crib bedding, $20

Today, all the Scandinavian companies of note (Ikea, Marimekko) sell matching fabrics and textiles to coordinate with their bedding sets.  I fell in love with the Fabler designs during my last trip to Ikea.

Marimekko Metsanvaki fabric, 36″ x 56″ $43

I’d never seen this Marimekko pattern before – I’m used to the more traditional (and popular) Unikko poppies – but I think it’d be great in a child’s room.  If you’re interested, check out the Finn Style website for more inspiration.

Of course, Marimekko does manufacture its own wallpaper (Unikko red, above)… if that’s what you’re into.

Pine stretcher strips, Dick Blick, price varies by size

Lastly, if you’re not ready for the commitment a staple gun provides (especially if you live in a rental apartment), I’d recommend another approach.   Get yourself some Jackson Pollock-sized wood stretchers, create your own wall-sized frame, then stretch some of that great fabric you bought (See here for tutorial).  You’ll then have a lightweight piece of art that’s fully-coordinated and ready to move with you wherever you go.


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