truly unique deco butterfly decals

4 May

Window display, Carol’s Daughter shop in Fort Greene

My brother and his lovely wife are expecting a baby girl in mid-June.  And as so often happens, one momentous life change is accompanying another — they’re planning a move within the next few months as well.   So when my brother mentioned a potential design theme for the baby’s future room, I couldn’t help but get just a little bit excited… But considering the move, we’ve got some time til the new room is created.

Here are two of my favorite flying insect design ideas, for a starter:

(The only trouble with butterfly decor is that it’s so easy to fall into cliche with pastel colors, which can look really old-fashioned really quickly.  That’s why I love these designs (below).  They’re both totally unique and unlike any butterfly decals I’ve seen before).

Art Deco Butterfly Wall Decals by Modbox, Etsy, $40

These butterfly decals are BIG. But they’re gorgeous, come in lots of different colors, and like any decals, can be used in any configuration. I just love them.

Umbra Wallflutter wall decor,, $25

Yes, I know these are dragonflies, not butterflies.  But if you haven’t seen them before, Umbra wall decor (including the butterfly version, here) are incredibly clever.  They’re 3-d, (mountable via little magnets, which attach to thumbtacks placed on your wall) and unlike decals, removable and re-usable.  Perfect for a temporary nursery space or shared area.

I’ll be returning to the butterfly theme over the next few weeks.  So if you’ve got your own favorites, please send them my way. 


2 Responses to “truly unique deco butterfly decals”

  1. Jaime Klein Daley May 5, 2010 at 2:13 am #

    Esther, you are a rock star.

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