esther’s recommendations: butterfly mobiles

5 May

Just a quick post tonight (we’ve had a long day).  After my most recent post, my web buddy Esther made a few butterfly suggestions of her own.  (By the way, if you don’t know Esther, and you have a small child (or one on the way), open a new browser window NOW.  Her website, titled buy modern baby, is a fantastic resource and buying guide for parents who love modern furnishings and design.  She also maintains a great blog, where she does shopping roundups, introduces new discoveries, and creates room collages and inspiration boards.  I honestly don’t know where she finds the time and I envy her!

Anyway, I adore the butterfly mobiles she’s recommended.  So without further ado:

The Original Butterfly Mobile, LilaGraceDesigns on Etsy, $60

This is the mobile that started them all.  When I began blogging, I remember seeing a do-it-yourself tutorial on one of the websites- which I will go back and look for.  I suppose you could create your own, if you’re enterprising enough or deep enough into nesting-induced craziness.  For my $60, I’d rather support an Etsy businesswoman – with whom you can correspond and select your own colors and/or shapes.

 Flensted butterfly mobile, available at Genius Jones, $48

Flensted swallows mobile, Design Public, $28

I freaking love Flensted mobiles.  In fact, we had the swallows mobile (above) hanging over Fionn’s changing table until very recently, when he discovered that paper birds are fun to swat at and especially fun to pull down.  But I deem it a success that they lasted for a full eight months of changing time.

Origami butterfly mobile, RoundhouseDesigns on Etsy $45

But this one is my absolute favorite.  I love how the delicate origami butterflies (here shown in pinks and stripes, but available in multiple color combinations) are balanced on the bamboo sticks, and how clever the design is overall.  As with most of the items on Etsy, these are handmade and one-of-a-kind.  I think I want one for my own bedroom…

Night, everyone.


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