pink walls and "room for children"

7 May

Room for Children by Susanna Salk,
 I can’t remember having been this excited about getting a new book since the Wilco biography came out in the early 2000s.  True, Room for Children often feels like a compilation of now-well-known designs from now-well-known designers (Kelly Wearstler/Jenna Lyons/Amanda Nisbet), but I Don’t Care.  Although I love the interweb and all the versatility it offers, there’s something really satisfying about having photos at your fingertips, and being able to flip through pages and pages of inspirational images.  The accompanying text by Susanna Salk is equally inspirational and succinctly written – I think I agree with everything she’s said about kids’ design and why it’s so much fun.
So plan on seeing me return to this book, over and over in the next few weeks, to share my discoveries. 

For now, however, I’ve got a special task at hand.   My mom & dad have wonderful neighbors, who are in the midst of lots of change.  As they’re renovating their home from top to bottom, Mom is due (next month) to give birth to her second girl.  She mentioned that they’re starting to look for paint for the girls’ rooms; it can be any shade, as long as it’s pink. 

So, onto the book for inspiration (caveat: some of these images are internet-based (and higher-res) alternatives to the dark snapshots I took on my iPhone.)

Ruthie Sommer’s daughter’s bedroom, from her website

Right now, this shade of pink is my favorite – it’s got a blue tone to it, making it almost lilac but not as purple.   I find it soothing and sophisticated – and as you can see from the image, you can go mauvey with the accessories or move towards a fuschia, like on the canopy.

Girl’s room by Sixx Design

Now, this is some PINK.  Not exactly my style, but it seems to work here.  I guess if you’re going to do it, you might as well throw yourself in.   (BTW, I haven’t seen 9 By Design – perhaps I should? My understanding is that Sixx Design is the same couple from that show.  The Novogratzes also have their own book which also looks pretty cool.)  

Allison Tick Interiors

Another purpley-lavender-tinted pink, which I love.  As you can see, the accessories really make the space, from the candy-pink silk curtains to the white chair and table, to the West Elm Parsons desk at left.

Photographer Tim Street-Porter

This pink is a very light, delicate shade – I assume it becomes more pink as the room loses sunlight towards the evening.  The color picks up intensity through the accessories (like a clever canopy made from fabric suspended from the ceiling) and striped bedding.

Eve Robinson interior

Or, you can forgo color almost entirely on the walls, using your bedspread and headboard as the true focal points to your room.  You can see the contrast against the white window sills and door, but here you’re really staying as close to white as you can.

Incidentally, the Mythic paint company (home of zero-smell and low-VOC paints) has partnered with the Land of Nod on a paint collection of their own.  Of course, as with other paint companies, you can create virtually any color you fancy, but I find this a clever and well-thought-out shortcut.

Here are some examples of beautiful pinks (similar to those shown above) in the Mythic paint collection for Land of Nod:

 Petal-icious reminds me of the color used in the Allison Tick room (above).

  Tippy Toes is a beautiful girly pink – a little like the ‘ballet slippers’ color of countless manicures…

And here are some more delicate pinks from their regular collection.

Do you have a pink-walled room?  Send me a photo!


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