bklyn desings and modern ant farms

8 May

Just returned from the always-impressive BKLYN Designs, an annual show in which all exhibitors are somehow based in this lovely borough.  I was especially excited to check out the kids’ section, which included Argington furniture (to be featured tomorrow) and Iglooplay (see their Mod Rocker chair in an earlier post).  But I HAD to just write about these folks after visiting, then not wanting to leave, their excellent booth. 


They’re called FRAMEicariums.  See additional coverage on Inhabitat.com here.  Designer Hugh Hayden with partner Katie Vitale (both charming people, by the way) have come up with a unique and creative alternative to hanging up another boring picture.

Starting with vintage, reclaimed, or just old paintings (often found with ornate and decorative frames), they build them out to create a relief picture-box space.  Sometimes the plated glass is red, as shown above, blue (as seen below), or clear.  Then they add sand, and lastly, the magic ingredient – who then get straight to work.

Victorian women and ants

Antiques Roadshow-worthy landscape and ants

Marie Antoinette (?) and ants
I’m actually surprised at my enthusiasm for these pieces (which start at $85 and go up to $1000 for the large-scale ones), considering a recent unannounced visit by the little guys chez Daley… Maybe that’s why I love ant farms – they’re contained and purposeful!
And the best part is that the art keeps changing – check out the dynamic pattern on the oval painting above.  I can’t imagine any other way to support a burgeoning interest in the arts… If you’re interested, contact Hugh Hayden at his website here.

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