Argington Bam collection

11 May

If you’re in the market for a crib, and you haven’t already decided upon the Gulliver at IKEA (great choice, by the way), read on.  If you’ve been considering the Stokke Sleepi expandable version, you may find this post very interesting.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Samantha Delman-Caserta (whom I believe to be the same person who co-founded 3R Living, an eco-friendly and organic home goods (gift) shop, formerly in Park Slope, now in Maplewood, NJ and online).   She obviously knows her stuff when it comes to environmentally-friendly and sustainable manufacturing processes.  

 Bam bassinet

What I like about the Argington line of furnishings and soft goods is that their environmentalism really just makes sense.   As a mother, it makes me feel really good to know that the wood they use is not forest-damaging, that their glues, stains and finishes are non-toxic and don’t release chemicals into the air — especially because I know that my son’s mouth is going to be all over this furniture.

But I wouldn’t be saying all this if their furniture wasn’t so lovely.  
And I doubly wouldn’t be saying all this if their new Bam line of convertible bassinet/crib/toddler beds wasn’t such a great value.

Less than $600 for both

When Fionn was born, we used a cradle, which I loved.  Of course, I didn’t need a cradle… the crib would have been fine, or the car seat, even, or a bouncy chair inside the crib (actually, something we used when he was diagnosed with reflux).  But newborns are just so tiny, and they look so tiny in that big piece of furniture you bought for them. 

Standa cradle ($150, Buy Buy Baby) and ParkLane crib ($300, Walmart)

I also love our Baby Mod crib – which will be convertible to a toddler bed.  But if you do the math (excluding mattresses), the Bam collection comes out at about the same price, give or take.  For $585, I can’t see why you wouldn’t get the bassinet with the ability to convert to a crib.  (BTW, the bassinet comes with bedding).  I know you have to pay extra to then convert it to a toddler bed, but I’m not totally convinced we’re going to have the same furniture when that time comes.

Bassinet and crib in ebony

It comes in ebony and white (bamboo, which is really cool, costs extra).  I almost forgot the best part of Samantha’s sales pitch (remember, we’re in Brooklyn): “It fits through 24″ doorways” (Flashback to me, half-asleep, at 2AM, scraping the walls, manuevering the wheels, trying to get through the bedroom doorway and down the narrow hallway to the front room). 

Now that’s knowing your customer.


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