personalized stroller blankets

14 May
Mocca personalized stroller blanket by elisehooperdesigns, Etsy, $50

It’s May, but lately it’s been feeling more like March.  Over the past few days, I’ve really been appreciating the stroller blankets Fionn received as gifts when he was born.   It seems there are babies being born all around me these days, so I thought it a good time to share some of my discoveries.

 Personalized blanket, The Blanket Lady, $65

1. The Blanket Lady

Fionn received one of these when he was three months old, and it went from display item to constant use virtually overnight.  As shown in the photo above, you have the choice of repeating a first name or including the entire name, which runs vertically down the length of the blanket.  At the bottom, you have the option of including the full name or memorializing the birth date. 

Color choice is virtually unlimited – you can choose whichever two you like (ours is blue star and grey); it’s important because the blanket is double-knit, which means the colors show up in reverse on the back.   Although your expectations may be low due to the acrylic thread factor, it actually makes for an incredibly soft, warm and durable blanket that goes anywhere without getting dirty or worn.

2-D Zoo stroller blanket by elisehooperdesigns, Etsy, $50

2. Elise Hooper Designs (above and at top)

I think I love everything in Elise’s Etsy shop.  But these blankets are definitely my favorite.  They’re fun and modern, with great creative lettering and gorgeous fabric selection.  They definitely fit the RFYO criteria for fashionable-yet-kid-friendly design and I’m so eager to order these for friends and family.  I also really like Elise’s note on her seller page; it really captures what Etsy is all about and why it’s so wonderful:

After selling on Etsy for just over 6 months, I am finding it more work than expected but also MUCH more rewarding than expected. I’ve met so many interesting and inspiring people and I love to hear about how one of my blankets has become a baby’s special lovie or a little girl who is so excited to wear one of my dresses to her birthday party. I am just tickled to think that some of my creations have snuck their way into the hearts of little wee ones all over the globe–what a treat!

Giraffe blanket, BunnyBerry, $75

3. Bunny Berry polar fleece blankets

These are the most expensive of the three, but also really modern and graphic and memorable.  I love the appliqued letters and animals, which feel like paper cutouts.  The blankets come in a few different patterns, including the giraffe above and the penguins, below.   These’ll definitely be the most unique -and warm- personalized gifts a new baby could get.

Penguin blanket, Bunny Berry, $75
(Someone at BB is a Dylan/Quinn the Eskimo fan)

I never realized what a cottage industry the personalized blanket has become until my online search tonight!  So next time, skip the Red Envelopes and Pottery Barns of the world and check out these folks instead. I assure you, you can’t go wrong with any of these choices.


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  1. Benny May 14, 2010 at 2:40 pm #

    Wonderful blanket. Well made, superior quality. Wonderful blanket, wonderful company. If you want that so go for the Little Giraffe Blankets so go for that.

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