modern art, inspired by disney

17 May

Print inspired by Sleeping Beauty, One Kings Lane, $29

Let me just start off by saying this: I’m soooo not a Disney person.  Yes, I went to Disney World as a kid, and I loved all the movies as a kid (and again, as a college student).  But today, not so much. I know this will change when Fionn wants to watch his video for the fiftieth time, when he wants to see Lion King on Broadway (which will probably still be playing) and when he gets old enough to recognize licensed characters.  But something about buying into the whole Disney machine just makes me uncomfortable.

So I have to hide my face a little bit while I show you these prints.  And fast, because the sale is ending on One Kings Lane tomorrow. (If you’re not signed up for this interior design sample sale site, let me know and I can email you a referral code).

A company called PTM Images was commissioned to create prints ‘inspired by’ famous Disney animated features.   Some of the images directly correspond to actual animation cels (such as the Alice In Wonderland image, below), and others are said to capture the mood or tone of the film.  The Sleeping Beauty print, at top, is especially atmospheric with a mid-century touch.

Print inspired by Alice in Wonderland, OKL, $29

The images come unframed, but at $29 for a 14″x18″ (give or take) you really can’t beat the price.  All prints also include a drawing of the original inspiration for the artwork, which is pretty cool.  Redesigning a room?  These images could serve as great inspiration, especially for color choices.

Print inspired by Johnny Appleseed, OKL, $29

This image (above) is said to be inspired by Johnny Appleseed – a sequence in a film called Melody Time.  Not familiar with the movie;  I’m just in love with the green-blue and lavender color combination.  

In marketing, this type of project is what we call “extending the brand.”  And Disney seems to be doing a lot of it lately.  In addition to the print work, they’ve also hired York Wallcovering to riff on the movie Fantasia.  The results are some stunning (and sparkly) wallpapers, surprisingly un-cute and great for a big boy or girl’s room.

Sample of Fantasia-inspired wallpaper

Glisten, York Wallcovering, $69/roll

I think the Glisten pattern is my favorite – it’s not overpowering, yet it has a dash of glitter to add visual interest to a white room.   I couldn’t find some of the patterns from the top image on the York website, but I hope they’ll become widely available.


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