really big canvas totes

18 May

I know I’ve already done a post about canvas totes, but we’re running out of room here at the Daley house, and I need more.  Something bigger.  Something funner! (sorry, grammarians).

A few years ago, I really wanted a canvas tool tote for myself.  I think I saw it as a hip, steampunk, authentic, LL Bean Signature (which is amazing, btw) version of a Hermes Kelly bag.   But the dealbreaker?  Carrying around something with my own name (Jaime, nee Klein) emblazoned on the side.

Klein Tools 24″ bag, Home Depot, $68

For toys, though, I think it could work.  And if I wanted something a little more -industrial-, there’s always the Steele Canvas storage totes (as seen virtually everywhere online).

Elevated truck, 24x18x16, Steele Canvas, $95

It’s a chunk of change, for sure.  But there are all different kinds, at all price points.  They’re more than laundry baskets, anyway – they’re more like furniture.  And what amazing hiding places they’d make for little orphan girls!  Enjoy…


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