Play space, vintage signage and fun vending machines

20 May

Boys’ room, Sixx Design (also in Room for Children)

This past winter, I enrolled myself in an interior design course at Parsons here in New York.  Over the course of twelve weeks, we learned the art of freehand space planning; that is, creating and drawing our own floor plans, measured out with architectural rulers, marked out with lead points, and formalized with felt-tip black pens.   Our long-term project was to meet the demands of our ‘clients,’ a well-to-do couple who had just purchased a 3000 foot loft space downtown.  What excited me most was the fact that my pretend clients also had a pretend six-year-old son, who required space planning of his own.

I was reminded of this assignment the other day.  With camera and Room for Children in tow, I spent a day at my parents’ house last week.   Downstairs, in the finished basement/den/playspace, the walls are literally covered with items from my mom’s collections.   First, I thought how wonderful it would be for all children to have play spaces of their own, just like my mom & dad’s. (Whether a separate room or the space between bed and dresser, it doesn’t matter).  Second, I thought back to my floorplan, in which I had sketched out an adjoining space to the boy’s bedroom in which to keep his toys and games.  And third, I thought HOW COOL it would be to have a play space just FILLED with the signs, toys, and machines that my mom’s collected over the years.

Light-up concession stand sign. 
Hilarious type-o’s, courtesy my husband.

Like me, my mom’s a major collector.  And like me, she finds, obsesses, and focuses on something, then moves onto something new.  Her vending collecting bug is now gone, but here’s a smattering of what remains.  I think any of these pieces could serve as decoration, toy, or visual focal point for a kid’s bedroom or play space.

(That must be why I love the boys’ room (at top) in one of the Novogratz houses (sorry, I can’t keep them straight).  I’d say this is pretty representative of the Sixx design style too – true to their loft space roots, the rooms usually feature gallery white walls, a choice selection of bold curtains and area rugs, and one or two key vintage, eclectic, or just plain odd design finds.  I read that the old scoreboard was from a school gym – I’d kill to find out where the rest of that architectural salvage ended up.)

Rock-Ola.  (the last update features Bon Jovi and Hall & Oates)

A penny candy dispenser

Fab 1950’s vintage “Perfumatic” – anyone wear White Shoulders?

These would still come in handy nowadays.

And, of course, an odds machine.  This one still has the little cards in it.

I did a quick search tonight on Ebay and found this candy machine (below).   Liam said that it would encourage kids to eat sweets.  I said, “you can fill it with other stuff, like raisins!” And then he said, “then it wouldn’t be fun anymore.”  But I completely and totally disagree.  In fact, I want one right now.

70’s candy vending machine, Ebay

The good news? With four days remaining, it’s going for only $79.95.  The bad news?  The seller requests local pickup in Northeastern Ohio, otherwise, you’ll have to make your own arrangements… Anyone for a road trip?


One Response to “Play space, vintage signage and fun vending machines”

  1. Ailie May 20, 2010 at 8:55 am #

    I want to trawl through your mom's collections. The Perfumatic blows my mind.

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