in praise of the 'mismatched' room

25 May

Favor from Tallie’s Vintage Birthday Party by TomKat Studio

There seems to be a recent trend in which children’s birthday parties have started looking like weddings.  Blame it on crafters showing off on the Internet, moms getting tired of the invisibility of scrapbooking, or a simple desire to outdo all the other kids on the block.  But it’s now starting to creep into room design, and it’s stressing me out.  (Mentioned the phenomenon to my husband, who expressed his own disdain as, “My kid’s getting a pinata. That’s it.”)

Think of this post as a unicorn chaser for this overly coordinated, hot-glue-gun-and-grosgrain-ribbon-trimmed, letterpressed and Pantone-chip-matched craziness.   And a chance to feel OK about the state of our kids’ rooms 99.999 percent of the time.

Are those Legos on the floor?

A neighbor of ours, some guy called Gabriel Byrne, is looking to sell his townhouse here in Brooklyn.   The townhouse is selling for a few million dollars (I’m not sure of the exact amount right now, but you can read all about it here, on Brownstoner, our local real estate blog.  The comments section is especially snarky.)  So they’ve set up a website to profile the property.

What do I LOVE about the house?  Not the period copper detail, or the parlor room, washer/dryer, or fantastic location. No, what I love is the fact that they took photos of their kids room WITH CRAP ALL OVER THE FLOOR.

I love that someone decided he/she wanted green floors and blue walls and that’s what they got.  I love that there’s a life sized decal of Cristiano Ronaldo on the wall, and that it hasn’t been removed for the showing.  I love that there are two bunk beds, even though I have no reason to believe Gabriel and his wife actually have four children.

And I absolutely, thoroughly, love the presence of that great furniture democratizer- an IKEA Expedit bookcase.  I have to say that this is my favorite piece of furniture right now.  One-cube-by-four, you have a tower or a bench.  Two-cubes-by-four (as shown), you have a kids’ height storage center.  Five-by-five, and you’ve got a room divider or great storage piece.   I can’t wait for the opportunity to get one.

So fear not, friends.  Think of it as a “Stars, they’re just like us!” feature – maybe it’ll inspire you to skip the straightening up for the day, because after all, the maid will be in tomorrow. . .


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