outdoor furniture, repurposed

28 May

Now that the weather’s getting nice, I seem to be receiving tons of catalogs devoted exclusively to outdoor furniture, and I seem to be recycling mostly all of them.  But I’m going to start paying more close attention; there are some great things in these catalogs, if you’re willing to think a bit laterally about the merchandise.

(After all, what kid wouldn’t want a hammock in his room? I know I used to dream about having a hammock in my room as a kid.)

Hammock, Crate & Barrel, $199

On a more practical note, here’s a great idea (and the impetus for this post), courtesy of my new friend Pippa.  Mother of a one-year-old, she’s got her share of toys in the front room.

GRAVA planters, Ikea, $15

On a recent trip to Ikea, she discovered these large, colorful, GRAVA planters.  The best part, besides the price?  At 14″ high, they’re the perfect size for one-year-olds to reach into, and at 19″ diameter, they hold quite a lot of stuff.    They’re made of that really nice plastic – sort of matte, reminiscent of the Starck Bubble Club chairs you always see at hotels.

Bubble Chair, DWR, $680

If you’re up for spending nearly $700 for a chair, I’m sure it’d last quite a while.  You can even drag it outside when the kids want to go camping in the backyard.


One Response to “outdoor furniture, repurposed”

  1. Esther May 28, 2010 at 3:08 am #

    I’ve wanted Bubble Chairs (and sofa) for the backyard for a long time. Someday…
    And the fatboy hammock http://www.fatboyusa.com/products/ which they call a Headdemock would be colorful and fun with the planters and bubble chair.
    Wish I had the kind of space to have this stuff indoors. Fortunately I live in Florida where we can enjoy the outdoor year round. 🙂

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