painted wood floors

28 May

Solar system floor mural, Pottery Barn Kids catalog

Who wants a weekend project? If you’ve got wood floors, you’re in luck!  Personally, I don’t know anyone who can (logistically) do this.  But the painted wood floor seems to be making a comeback, in real life as well as in staged catalog shoots (see the awesome Pottery Barn floor, above).  But I can imagine if you live in an old home where the floors are destined for either linoleum, carpeting, or refinishing, this could be a fun way to liven up a room without much in the way of cost or effort.

Below, here are a few of my favorites:

Painted wood detail, home of Miami City Ballet director

Rather than painting the entire floor, this homeowner chose to add visual interest by following both the wood grain and the style of his furnishings.   If you have a prominent visual theme in your room, it may make sense to follow the design to the floor.  Sort of reminds me of car detailing, though, with lines and basic shapes.

Nautical stripes, Coastal Living magazine

An interesting take on the striped nautical trend.  Furniture and walls remain white or neutral, and all color comes from the doors and floors. (This is usually the role of an area rug in a rental apartment…)

Source unknown for above two photos

I’m not sure if the top image is paint or a veneer inlay, but I really like the idea of outlining the edges of a room to define the space.

From Living Etc.

Here’s a great article on painting your floors white.  But if you’ve got kids, and you think you can keep the floors clean, more power to ya.

And, lastly, HGTV shows you how to go whole-hog on the painted floor trend.

Only trouble with floor painting?  It’s just like getting a tattoo.  You’re making a huge commitment.  So I recommend starting out small, and in an inconspicuous location. . .
Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

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