door-free closets

1 Jun

This past weekend, I lent a hand to a lovely family – friends of friends – to kick-start a redesign of their daughters’ room.  In a future post, I’ll document some of the challenges they’re facing (it’s a rental, for starters), and I’ll share some of my suggestions with you guys.

But one of the biggest realizations we made, after discussing (among other things) furniture placement, color schemes and potted plants, was the fact that the girls’ closet was seriously under-utilized.   In fact, many of their space problems are going to be solved with a few of these:

Real Simple garment storage, Bed Bath & Beyond

Not the most beautiful, but that’s what closet doors are for, right?  Right?

I once read somewhere that the difference between minimalists and the rest of us is that minimalists have better closets. And I’m very much of the “if it can be put away, put it away” school.  That’s why I’m not so into this trend I’ve been seeing lately — people removing the doors from their closets and incorporating the ‘insides’ as part of their room design.  To wit:

Little Apple Designs

I really like the work of these interior designers.  And I appreciate the fact that they’ve gained usable space (see the changing table?) from a former closet.  But it just seems so high-maintenance to me.

Here are some more photos I’ve found.  Just check out the organization going on… (btw, I’ve collected these images over the past few months so many of them aren’t sourced.  If you recognize these images, please email me and I’ll give due credit!)

Nursery, Winnipeg Free Press

Matching yellow onesies lend a nice touch, yeah?  I do like the fact that the wall cover seems to be carried into the closet.  No reason to not paint a closet while you’re painting the rest of the room (especially if you’re using a light color).

Blue bedroom, huge closet space

I’m wondering if the above photo is  part of an ad for storage systems…  But again, it feels so – exposed.  That’s why the following solution makes the most sense to me (and is the most aesthetically pleasing).

Brown and beige nursery

By removing the closet doors, these folks were able to use half of the closet space for storage and a desk.  Then they mounted a curtain rod and hung beautiful brown grommet curtains across the entire space.  When not in use, the desk area and closet area can be hidden, adding a decorative element to the other side.  When fully closed, I’m sure the closet looks much more beautiful than the typical bifold-mirror sliding doors that were replaced.


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