handmade musical wall murals

8 Jun

Fiddle-playing giraffe in Eliot's nursery

My friend Marcia’s got an incredibly beautiful new baby boy (Hi Eliot!) and a very talented husband named Lee.   Although both Mom & Dad are veteran advertising ‘creatives,’ I’m sure they’ve never had a client like this before!  I can just imagine how satisfying it was for Lee to design and paint these wonderful musician animals, transforming an empty room into a personality-filled nursery for his baby-t0-be.

Horn-playing elephant above crib

What I especially love about the room is how well the furnishings fit in with the custom artwork, and how beautifully the colors are coordinated.  The tall giraffe is perfectly nestled in the corner near the tall dresser and vertical bookshelf.  Shades of blue from the elephant are reflected in the crib bedding and other textiles, and the brown Monte Luca chair (my favorite) offers a beautiful contrast.

Bongo-playing lion

I’m so excited for little Eliot to learn that Daddy made these pictures just for him.

So for the rest of us, who have other skills to offer beside mural painting, here’s a tip.  When you’re shopping for wall decals, measure out your space (and the decals to occupy that space).  Pay special attention to the shapes between furniture (like in the giraffe corner) or above dressers (like the changing table, above).  Then, instead of just ‘floating’ on your walls, the decals will look like they’ve been custom-designed just for you.


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