julie morstad, alphabet cards and personalized name art

15 Jun


Julie Morstad is one of my favorite illustrators. If you’re unfamiliar with her work, please check out her website (for limited edition signed prints like “Race” ($60), above, and children’s book illustrations).  I first learned of Morstad about a year ago, while browsing an increasingly eclectic and growing selection of alphabet flash cards for kids.

Jargon Boy, Lisa DeJohn, Julie Morstad

These are my three favorites:

M is for Modern ($25), created by Greg Chinn (Jargon Boy) is a fantastic primer in mid century style.  Nearly 3″ square, the cards would look fantastic displayed checkerboard/wacky-pack style.  Get a large RIBBA frame from IKEA and mount with some double-backed tape on a white board.

Alphabet Animals by Lisa DeJohn looks like it was designed in the 1950’s (a great thing, in my book). A description on the Buy Olympia site (an excellent resource, by the way!) reads thusly: “Printed on sturdy board and featuring an engaging collection of animals—including dragonflies, sea horses, and warthogs—these cards are perfect for little fingers and inquisitive minds.” The cards are almost 5″x7″, plenty big to enjoy and spread around on the floor.

But back to Julie Morstad.  Her ABC cards are truly unique in the subject matter covered… instead of Apples or Ants, you get an Acrobat.

The 4″x6″ cards come in a glossy cardboard box with magnetic closure, and are available on Amazon (I’ve added a link in the sidebar) for less than $13.  I’ve placed my favorite chain of letters in an IKEA RIBBA frame, purchased for $14.99. (BTW, please click image to make it larger).  I’m in love with the flapper girl in the red chapeau – in fact, I want to BE the flapper girl in the red chapeau.

For my future niece

If you’ve got some wall space to fill, I’d highly recommend getting a set of alphabet cards … they’re so ready for framing they almost call out for it.  And either arrange them as a grouping (as with the letter chain) or mount them individually.   And if you’re lucky enough to have a son or daughter whose name has zero repeating letters, how about creating your own personalized artwork?  This one (above) is for my soon-to-arrive baby niece. (Finished via three sets of NYTTJA frames, at $2.99 for the pair).  Thinking of you, K, and your soon-to-be little one.


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