sid the science kid's mid-century house

17 Jun

Scene from "Sid's Holiday Adventure"

As much as I hesitate to admit it in public, the Daleys are a television-watching family.  All of us.  But as with most families, it’s becoming increasingly common and convenient for us to ‘time shift’ our shows, which means we record stuff on the DVR to watch later on.  So there’s not a lot of surfing going on, which means we just plain don’t see a lot of things on air everyday.  Case in point: Sid the Science Kid.

I’ve only seen this cute kids’ show once.  But here’s what I know (courtesy Wikipedia).  It’s created by the Henson Digital Puppetry Studio, and is based on the US preschool science curriculum (no, I didn’t know there was one, either) and cognitive learning theory.  And Sid’s name was originally going to be Josh, a name I assume was changed for being difficult to rhyme with.

And here’s what I’ve learned on Tuesday.  Sid’s house has some great furniture.  As you can see in the photo above, someone at Henson Studio loves mid-century modern as much as I do!  Sid’s family’s dining room table is classic Heywood-Wakefield, as evidenced by the wheat-colored wood and ‘dogbone’ cutouts in the chairs.

Dogbone chair close up

I suppose mid-century design lends itself well to animation art due to its iconic appearance and stylized nature. Here’s another animated interior that immediately comes to mind:

The Incredibles

You must see this article from The Mid Century Modernist (cached only, sorry) for more images.  I know that Brad Bird is an avowed mid-century nut (e.g. the Iron Giant, for more eye candy), but MCM also recognizes “production designer Lou Romano and art director Ralph Eggleston.”

Interested in a real-life H-W table and chairs? I know I am…

Table and two chairs

Found this gorgeous specimen on Etsy, being sold by a shop called The Paisley Moon.  The great news?  For $400 you can get the table and two chairs, in pretty nice condition (i.e., some watermarks, which are common for a piece this age).  The not so great news?  Are you up for a field trip to Lafayette, Indiana?

So if that doesn’t work out for you, Tri-State Antique center is always a good resource.  And check out my older post to learn more.


One Response to “sid the science kid's mid-century house”

  1. Esther June 17, 2010 at 2:29 pm #

    Sid the Science Kid is actually a pretty good show. They just don’t have a whole lot of episodes. (We too are a TV family- but I have a BS in Television Production so it’s a professional thing right?) We keep episodes of the show on Tivo but my 4 yo is really only interested in episodes of Bill Nye the Science guy on our Apple TV.
    Really interesting post though.

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