kokka fabric, purl soho, and custom duvets

11 Jul

Sorry for the dearth of posts this past week – hubby has taken a week off for ‘holiday’ and, despite the sweltering heat here in New York, we’re trying to enjoy every minute of it.

Purl Soho, Broome Street

This is a follow-up, of sorts, to the previous ‘inspiration board’ post.  I was so impressed by the Matroyshka print fabric used in SewnNatural’s custom bumper that I was compelled to learn more about Kokka, the Japanese company that manufactures such adorable patterns.  Here’s what I learned about Kokka, courtesy Bolt Fabric Boutique (which seems like an amazing shop, btw) in Portland, OR:

Kokka is responsible for distributing fabrics from such great, contemporary designers as Etsuko Furuya, Nani Iro, and Heather Ross. You’re sure to appreciate these unique designs on lovely cloth. The designs include vintage scooters and muscle cars, soft florals and cute, little animals with a Japanese twist to them.

Mini Deer, Mini Cats

And they certainly do have a Japanese ‘kawaii’ (super-cute) twist to them.  Many Japanese designs are as easily identifiable as Scandinavian ones – there’s a certain whimsy, adorableness, and a unique use of color. To show you what I mean, I’ve selected a number of Kokka patterns available at an amazing shop in SoHo (NY) called Purl SoHo. Purl offers everything you’d need for a fabric/yarn/string-related endeavor. They also have a great sister blog called the Purl Bee, which I highly recommend for inspiration.

And they have a huge selection of Kokka fabrics.  No, they’re not cheap.  But if you’re seeking a truly unique bedding set for a young one of your own, all you need is a few yards of fabric and a sewing machine* (*more on this in a second).


This is my favorite series.  It’s called Transportation, it features cars, cable cars, and boats, and is available at $17/yard.  I especially love the color combinations and the graphic/geometric shapes.

"La Ville"

This pattern, La Ville, defines kawaii.  It’s a bit reminiscent of Marimekko but with its own unique Japanese spin.  (You can’t see it here, but there’s a little puppy peeking out of a doghouse, which is the cutest thing ever). La Ville comes in three colorways.  It’s also $17/yard.


Natural Daisy comes in the set of Mushrooms & Daisies – warning, the mushroom set is a bit psychedelic… This one is $15/yard.

There are so many other sets too:  matroyshkas/flowers (as featured yesterday)  in a variety of colorways, cats and chickens, squirrels, and for you robot lovers out there, a great pattern called Robot March at $13.50/yard.

SewnNatural's Matroyshka quilt, Etsy, $110

* So say you want to turn all this great fabric into something amazing for your child’s room, and (like me) you’re not exactly the sewing-machine type?  Or you’re expecting/working/a parent and you just don’t have time?  Great news.

J&M Sewing Shoppe is based in the Finger Lakes in upstate New York, but does a smashing virtual business of custom-made ‘sewing and seamstress’ work.  (If you can find a place like this near home, even better.  But if you don’t want to risk it, I think J&M sounds pretty terrific – and their prices are excellent).

According to their website, “J & M Sewing” is a window treatments, bedding, custom home decor sewing & seamstress services business. We have over 20 years of sewing, seamstress, quilting, alterations, window treatments, home decorating, fabric knowledge & experience.”

What I found compelling was the offer for “labor only” services.  Provide your own fabric (plus requested notions like thread and velcro), and for less than $50 you’ve got yourself a custom-made duvet cover for a toddler bed.  Matching curtains cost less than $40 to make.   The majority of your investment comes from the fabric itself – something you’ve specially chosen as perfect for your room.

Here’s how it breaks down:

Labor only duvet cover for toddler bed= $44.99 and six yards of fabric, plus the cost of notions.

Labor only 8′ length curtains = $37 and six yards of fabric.

I can’t see a downside to doing things this way.  Of course, they also provide tons of other services, including crib bedding and additional window treatments.  Have you had any of your own bedding custom-made? I’d be curious to hear your stories.


2 Responses to “kokka fabric, purl soho, and custom duvets”

  1. Jen July 13, 2010 at 1:46 pm #

    Such great fabrics – love the Kokka traffic ones.

    And thank you for featuring our matryoshka quilt here!

    The quilt is actually $110 (not $230, that’s the bumper we make with the same fabric + out-of-print Anna Maria Horner polka dot fabric).

    • youngonesdesign July 13, 2010 at 5:20 pm #

      So sorry for the mistake on price! Will fix that ASAP!

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