discovered: jonathan adler for barnes & noble

14 Jul

Taking the path once blazed by Karl Lagerfeld for H&M (now on Ebay, cheap!) or DwellStudio for Target (much more successful, IMHO), Jonathan Adler has lent his considerable skills to help beautify the biggest of the big box bookseller retailers.  And although we’re a “support small/local business” household – a philosophy I find increasingly dear and growing in necessity daily – I would strongly consider turning the stroller around for a blast of air conditioning and the heavy double doors of the nearby Barnes & Noble for these bookends:

Hot dog

They’re $39.95 at, and as with many of these ‘made for’ collaborations, they’re stylistically similar to Adler’s other pieces, yet materially different.  In fact, I’d prefer resin bookends over ceramic ones any day . . . you’d have to be very creative to make productive use of a single bookend.

Kensington sketchbook

Barnes & Noble also sells Adler-designed totes, notebooks (one suspiciously Orla Kiely-like), umbrellas (for those days you choose to read outdoors, I suppose).  I’m sure Nook covers are also in the mix.   The Kensington-pattern sketchbooks are also favorites of mine.  Perhaps they’d find a cozy home between the front and back of a cute puppy.


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