mod tree wall decals

25 Jul

Araiya and Tallis's room, featured on Ohdeedoh

Wall decals are everywhere.  And tree wall decals show up all the time on nursery tours and in beautifully-designed kids rooms.  But anytime something becomes really popular, the market gets heavy and over-saturated with less-than-stellar examples of the same item.  As readers of this blog now well know, I’m not a huge advocate of decals – I think they have their place, but I hate when they’re just thrown on the wall to fill empty space.

That’s why one of my favorite nurseries has always been Natalie & Matt’s shared kids’ room (crib image at top), featured about two years ago on   Although not a decal (the trees are painted), it fits all my criteria: modern and simple, perfect for the color scheme of the room, and purposeful, filling the space perfectly.   In her post, Natalie wrote that she was expecting child #3 at the time – I’d love to see the progress made since then!

But back to trees.  If you’re looking to do a similar thing without stenciling and painting, here are my three favorites, all super-mod (no woodland creatures here), color-customizable, and large-scale.

"In the Treetops" by Single Stone Studios

1. “In the Treetops” by Single Stone Studios.  Available on Etsy,in a variety of colors, $125.

The Trees by Boodalee Wall Decals by Blik

2. The Trees by Boodalee wall decals by Blik.  Available on the Blik website or at Velocity Art & Design (one of my favorite shops), in three colorways (shown in snow/charcoal), $55.

"Circle Tree" by Leen the Graphics Queen

3. “Circle Tree” wall decal by Leen The Graphics Queen on Etsy, and color-customizable $40.

Have any tree decals of your own? Send me photos!


One Response to “mod tree wall decals”

  1. Natalie July 31, 2010 at 1:56 pm #

    Soon after #3 arrived we decided to move the older girls into their own room (which was previously the guest room) and sold off the Toddler Bed. Our littlest had this room to herself for about 20months and recently we’ve been transitioning her into her sisters’ bigger room. The plan from here is for all three of them (three girls- almost 5, 3 and almost 2) to share a room. We’ve been designing a custom modern bunk bed system to fit three (loft bed, twin & trundle) which should be rolled out from our fabricator in early Fall. Beyond that we haven’t done a whole lot to their room. I’m sure more inspiration will strike me as we furnish & decorate it properly for 3 wee ones to have sufficient play, storage & sleep space.

    I agree with the decal sentiments. Luckily we own our place, or I would be more inclined to use decals if we rented. Decals are a clean, easy way to add visual interest to the walls without damage. Likely that adds to their popularity. In addition, I have actually had some issues with this image and the over-saturation of ‘less-than-stellar examples of the same item’ as in the past few years I have had the same Etsy seller rip off these trees of mine by not only selling my design as decals, claimed as her own design, but using this very image to promote them on the for sale listing.

    Thanks for the shout out, as well!

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